The 10 Best Balcony Hotels in NYC

New York is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, and people come from all over to see the city because of the beautiful landmarks. Businessmen and businesswomen from all over the world to see the sites that have made the city famous. But the one thing that everyone loves when they stay in New York? A room with a balcony. It lets you relax with amazing views, the rooms usually have more space, and you get extra amenities that you wouldn’t find in a smaller room. That entices people to see the best hotels and enjoy what they offer.

Westgate New York Grand Central

The Westgate New York Grand Central is another beautiful hotel in the city, and it is near the things you want to see. The rooms have maximum privacy, and the balcony overlooks the most incredible views. Open your patio at sunset, and you might find tears in your eyes. The hotel also offers guests one of the best business centers in the city, along with a marketplace that provides the best for on-the-go meals and smoothies. In particular, social media stars have raved about the smoothies on platforms and encouraged people to see for themselves. 


The Warwick is one of the most historic hotels in New York. It has had famous guests such as Elvis Presley and Audrey Hepburn. Some celebrities chose to make this hotel their home for over a decade. People love coming to this hotel for that reason. Along with the famous guests, however, the unique rooms are the best of the best. Step out of your hotel door, and you are steps away from the best shopping and Broadway. The balconies at this hotel offer the best views of the city. The best rooms also offered Bulgari toiletries and were designed with beauty and aesthetics in mind. In particular, Film-Noir designed the Marion Suite and the Modern Art Suite. There are two restaurants on-site at the hotel, and they both offer a la carte options. A fitness center will help you get in your morning or evening workout, and they provide honeymoon suites and hypoallergenic bedding for the best experience. 

New Yorker Wyndham Hotel 

To get a balcony at this hotel, you have to pay for a select room. However, anyone who has done just that will tell you it is worth the price you pay. Like Warwick, this hotel has had famous guests from Joan Crawford to Fidel Castro. Even famous inventors have made this hotel their home for a decade or more. Offering two restaurants on their property and a fitness center, you will see that this hotel offers a great experience, but if you book a balcony room, you get amenities that others don’t. This includes a fantastic view and an iPod docking station. The balconies also offer the best bath products and complimentary additions that guests can enjoy.  

Hotel Edison

The Hotel Edison has been around since the 1930s and is considered one of the most aesthetically pleasing hotels in New York because of its Art Deco design. Rooms come with complimentary bottled water and coffee, and tea. Instead of just having a Keurig machine, they offer a kettle in the kitchenette as they know that tea tastes better that way, and it is a better way to make the tea. The bathrooms include the best toiletries, and the on-site bar has a feel that makes you feel as if you have traveled right back to the 1920s. It has a great aesthetic and makes people feel comfortable enough to hang out for hours.

Gotham Hotel 

The best of the best is what is boasted here. The king’s deluxe rooms offer you a balcony and a bathroom that was designed to look like a spa. The hotel also has two terraces to take advantage of an in-room spa treatment. Guests love this because many don’t want to leave their room and get annoyed when they are in a spa full of people. Others want to have a sense of privacy. In addition to this, the hotel is extremely friendly for your furry pets. Never worry about being unable to take your best friend with you. You can take them wherever you go at any time. For fans of wine, you get a complimentary glass upon check-in, and you get the option of having private dinners as well. Enjoy luxury and decadence with one of the most exciting and lovely hotels that New York has to offer. 

The Pearl 

The Pearl is an upscale hotel that is near Times Square. However, this hotel doesn’t make the ‘noise’ that other hotels in the area do. The select rooms come with balconies that will show the neighborhood and lights. The bathrooms of each space also offer rainfall showers that provide the best relaxation and comfort. They also offer the best in coffee and teas, along with a complimentary buffet for breakfast that offers a cheese hour. Taking advantage of this is one of the visitor’s favorite activities because the cheese has so much flavor. Their fitness room is also considered to be incredible, and the staff is amicable.

The Jewel 

The Jewel is the Jewel of New York. It is considered a boutique hotel, and it faces the Rockefeller Center. Choosing a terrace room will earn you a private balcony, and you will be able to see the cathedral perfectly. Every room is high-tech and has WIFI for those that need it. Unlimited free bottled water is available for you to use, and you will have multimedia connectivity to ensure the best service. The high-end toiletries are a guest favorite, and many find that they love the coffee flavors as well. The hotel offers a variety, so you never get bored.

The Stewart 

People love the Stewart because their rooms that have a balcony are breathtaking, and guests have said that this view of the city is a once-in-a-lifetime sight and well worth the money. You also get a bed made for comfort and a menu to let you have the choice between six different pillows. You haven’t seen a hotel as innovative and creative as this one before. The fitness center has private televisions and excellent cardio equipment, while rooms feature additional items like the highest quality bath products and flat-screen televisions. However, the best part besides the balcony is the room service that is available for three meals. Guests have reported that the food tastes fantastic, and the staff makes their trip so much more enjoyable. 

The Arthouse Hotel

The Arthouse Hotel is known for having the best balconies and the best view of Central Park. You can also see the skyline and the river. An exciting aspect of this hotel is that they have artwork from local artists, and the work is stunning. They also boast that they have a customized bed that is the hotel’s signature claim to fame. Claiming that it is the most comfortable that any hotel has, people love seeing if the hotel lives up to the hype, and they have come away from that hotel in complete satisfaction. The on-site restaurant offers Northern Italian fare incredible to taste, and the Red Farm offers Chinese for eclectic flavors and styles. With the stunning artwork, the bedding, and the life-changing views, this is one hotel that should be on your to-do list.

The Manhattan Hotel

Located just a bit north of Times Square, this hotel offers the best balcony view of the city, but there is one catch. To have the best view of the city, you will have to pay a bit more because you have to have the penthouse. The penthouse will have the best in terms of the balcony and other amenities that you get with the best room. These amenities include the Nespresso machine and access to the fitness center, enormous flat-screen televisions, and access to each of the main attractions that New York will offer, such as the theaters and Rockefeller Center. Another benefit to staying at The Manhattan Hotel? The rooms have preloaded tablets and marble showers that provide the best relaxation after a long day of sightseeing. That is an excellent asset for the guests that love this hotel.

Choose The Best View

Choosing a hotel with a great balcony becomes easy with this list. We’ve given you the best hotels in the city and each one is worthy of a painting and will offer you a trip that you won’t forget in your lifetime. The city has some of the best hotels, and they are all because of the best attractions and the most historic buildings, including cathedrals, older theaters, and landmarks. This is considered a city that never sleeps, and when you have a hotel that offers you the perfect view, you will be able to enjoy the best the city has to offer no matter what time it is, making your trip a memorable event.