The 5 Most Popular Types of Business Software

In the conditions of the market and high competition, the questions of increase of efficiency of business and its management become especially relevant. Businesses must constantly improve their production activities to remain competitive. In most companies, management is carried out today with the help of modern corporate information systems, whose work is based on a process management approach.

The management of any fast-growing company sooner or later faces the problem of organizing information and automating the processes involved in processing this information. The increase of information volumes poses a challenge for the company to create a modern сorporate information system. So, let’s consider the best alternatives of software to optimize and simplify business processes.

Accounting Software

An automated form of accounting, based on the use of electronic computing technology is a complex system for automating the accounting process, from the collection of primary data to the receipt of financial statements. The main task of any service for accounting is to make life easier for the manager and accountant, get rid of routine operations, and insure against mistakes. The use of accounting software for data processing directly at the workplaces of specialists of various accounting levels ensures the minimum use of paper media, the reliability, and completeness of the information. 

An accounting program can also be developed under the order of an enterprise, taking into account its specifics, structural organization, features of accounting, or it can be one of the popular developments adapted to the specifics of the enterprise.

The commonly used software options include SimplBooks, Brainella, Data Service, etc.

Document Management Software 

Electronic document management is the only mechanism for working with documents submitted in electronic form, with the implementation of the concept of “paperless record-keeping”. The complex process of finding, transferring to contractors, etc., leads to a decrease in the pace of work, and as a consequence to a loss of income. Document flow is described as a set of schemes of movement of documents on divisions of the enterprise. Electronic document management, in turn, helps to speed up all operations related to documents. Users of the office system, depending on the organizational structure of the enterprise are the following departments: office, secretariat, case management, general department, expedition.

There are examples of document management software: Document. Online, FlyDoc, e-Docs, OfficeMedia, Optima-Workflow.

Communication and Messaging Software 

Messaging software is software that allows two communications – written and oral – between two parties, using the power of the Internet. This tool allows users to connect with other users who are also using messaging software so that they can communicate in real-time by sending messages that resemble email. In addition, some messaging programs also allow two-way voice communication with the other party. These services fall into two large groups:

  • offline messaging services (e-mail systems);
  • Instant Messaging Service (IMS).

There are a number of free messaging software packages on the market today: iSenf, WhatsApp, Discord, MyChat, TeamTalk.

Project Management Software

The essence of any project is activity, but to be successful, careful and thoughtful management of this project is necessary. Project management is a methodology, art of organization, planning, leadership, coordination of labor, financial, material, and technical resources throughout the entire project cycle, aimed at achieving its goals through the use of modern methods, techniques and management technologies. Project management is carried out through the implementation of a variety of activities that ensure the coordination of project participants in achieving project goals. Project management is achieved through the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and methods for planning and implementation of actions aimed at achieving the goal within the established project constraints.

The alternatives of project management software include Indy, ProjectLibre, Trello, FreeMind, GanttProject, OpenProj, Microsoft Project, Open Plan.

Virtual Data Room – Deal Management Software

Cloud technologies are increasingly penetrating all sectors of the economy, business processes, and spheres of human life. Virtual data room (VDR) is a type of cloud solution. Companies can use this room to store or send confidential files digitally. Best Data Room provides access to secure documents for authorized users through a dedicated website, or through secure agent applications. Online Data Room software is an innovation that can help you dramatically improve your productivity, manage time smarter, increase profitability and be more mobile.

Virtual Data Rooms have the following features:

  • Data placement security. A reliable Virtual Data Room software provides additional tools to protect the information, including the ability to create and securely back up important data.
  • Collaboration tools: Stakeholders can collaborate in the electronic Data Room on proposals and documents using tools such as task assignment, commenting, file history, change tracking, and more.
  • Document management: This is a better and safer alternative than sharing files via email. Data Room service allows documents to be uploaded and shared selectively during, after, or before a board meeting.
  • Automatic backup. You can set up the schedule for how often your data will be backed up. Cloud storage has a paid backup procedure if you want to make copies more often than provided by the service. Define a schedule and all data in the cloud will be backed up automatically at specified intervals.

If you are looking for the best Virtual Data Room software, it is recommended to compare Virtual Data Rooms from the list above and their functionality according to your needs.

Virtual Data Rooms are multifunctional and versatile development. This is a good innovation for any type of enterprise. Even if your company has a complex organization and unique tasks, a professional team can help improve your workflow. You will be able to design a specialized virtual room that will meet your needs.

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