The Best of Both Worlds: Sunglasses with Power

Sunglasses play a dual role in protecting your gentle eyes and accentuating your outfit. But, if you have a refractive error in your eyes, you’re left with two options, either you have to wear sunglasses with contact lenses or just wear spectacles when you move out. In blazing sunbeams, you cannot afford to move out with your regular eyeglasses and damage them. Eyewear experts have found a solution to this, i.e., sunglasses with power. And, if you’re looking for sunglasses for men with power, you can check out online retailers like Titan Eyeplus to explore several designs and international brands.

Here are some of the amazing designs of sunglasses for men with power from which you can choose the best for yourself:

1. Black and Bold

A pair of black sunglasses

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These classics in black is what you need for this season. These rimmed sunglasses for men with power gives you a bold and sturdy look and next-level protection to your eyes. Being a medium-sized frame, it suits men of all face shapes and sizes. You can choose the lenses with the specifications as per your requirement.

2. Green and Grey Definitive

A pair of sunglasses

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Aviators never go out of fashion and are always in trend. With green lens color and grey temple, they will give you that fashion-forward look. For most of the men, aviators from a good brand are always on their list. The lenses in these sunglasses are polarized and give UV Protection as well. You shouldn’t be thinking much before considering these for power sunglasses. The typical teardrop shape doesn’t let harmful rays enter your eyes. Men can easily pull off a vintage look with these sunglasses.

3. Impactful Brow-bars

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With the acetate temple material, these sunglasses feel easy on your skin with highly comfortable nose pads. With the different shapes of lenses, they’ll help you in standing out in the crowd. The lenses of these sunglasses have a coating that provides 100% UV protection and clear vision. These sunglasses for men with power are perfect for mini adventures and outings. 

4. Round Brownies

A pair of sunglasses

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With a brown and golden combination, these sunglasses give a touch of royalty to your overall look. The subtle brown color of these sunglasses can match easily with all your outfits. You can pair these sunglasses for men with power with all your outfits. The frame size of these sunglasses is more prominent than others. So, despite having vision problems, you can stay on top of trends with these power sunglasses.

Let’s glance at a few benefits of sunglasses for men with power, which can make your life easy:

1. Replace your Regular Glasses

When moving out in the sun, you need not compromise anymore on your eye’s health. While wearing just your regular glasses, unknowingly, you are harming your eyes. Replace your regular glasses with sunglasses with power to protect your eyes from the sun along with having clear vision.

2. UV Ray Protection

The sunglasses with power protect your eyes from harmful UV Rays and shield your eyes. Whereas, to correct your vision, if you wear spectacles or contact lenses, you don’t have that privilege of protecting your eyes in style.

3. Enhanced visual comfort and clarity

The lenses of power sunglasses are technically advanced and help in reducing the stress on your eyes. They provide an enhanced level of comfort and clarity while keeping your eyes relaxed.

4. Contact lenses and sunglasses with power

Rather than wearing sunglasses along with contact lenses, it is better to go for sunglasses with power. While being involved in sports activities or other adventures, there might be some kind of irritation in your eyes due to dust or water. A pair of sunglasses with power should be your preference.

Many reputable retailers like Titan Eyeplus have a wide variety of sunglasses for men with power. From designs for your formal meetings to the casual and funky designs for your vacations and outings, they’ve got you covered.  Be it from any brand, price range, or color, they have everything at your disposal.

Explore and buy sunglasses for men with power today!