The Concept Of Having The Best Fake Tan In Australia For Every Skin Type

The best fake tan in Australia is not as elusive as it seems. With many products available in the market, it’s there. You only need to research a bit, try a few products and the ultimate choice is on the horizon. Of course, the best product differs from person to person. Being a man, products are different from that of the ladies. 

But, such a self-tanner should have qualities enough to make it one of the best. In this article, we dig deeper into those and other facets of a fake tanner. We discuss different products to skin types suitable for tanning. This way, you are completely guided when the tanning season begins.

Top Four Tanning Products for Men 

Now, the discussion ensues. First, let’s discuss the products that give the best tanning results. This is the part of different tanning products presentation. The process of self-tanning for men is pretty straightforward. But, it still needs attention. At the end of the day, you deserve to use a product that’s best suited for you. 

Here are the top tanning products you can choose from:

Mousse Formulas 

Considered one of the more popular products, it comes with a host of benefits. Mousse formulas boast ease to use. But, it needs a little bit of practice to master its application. After a couple of uses, you can use the product with confidence. Even better, there are a host of videos and online resources as a guide.

It is also lightweight. The foamy consistency does not make the product feel heavy after application. With this said, the formula gets absorbed by the skin right away. Its special ingredients act with the skin’s amino acid for fast-acting results. Note that the product stays longer on the skin, too. This means that constant reapplication may not be necessary.

Luckily, there is a tanning mousse especially designed for men. Man Tan revolutionised tanning for men. With this product, men don’t need to go tanning salons or stay under the sun for that natural glow. It only needs application and you are off to impress everyone with that enviable tan. Its ingredients are safe to use, too. No surprise why many consider this product as the best home tan in Australia.

Tanning Lotions 

Oh has the time come to a full circle! Yes, tanning lotions have been in the market since the proliferation of fake tans. Its availability for every generation made it a stronghold of tanning products. Well, this comes as no surprise. Lotions come with incontestable benefits as well.

Like the mousse, this product is also lightweight and easy to apply. The results show depending on how you use it. If you want a sunkissed and rosy hue, apply a few layers. For that robust tanned appearance, go generous with the layers when applying. If control is what you want, you can get it with this tanning self-tanning product.

It is easy to notice the similarities of both the lotion and mousse. But, though a bit the same, they have different properties. Lotion does not foam up which may need more of the product when applying. If this is not an issue for you, then the lotion is a good product to use.

Gradual Tanners 

Another product to consider especially when you are after a tan without haste. From the name itself, gradual means seeing the results in its glory may take time. While it is not as popular as the first two products mentioned, it’s gaining momentum. 

Gradual tanners are a toss between tanning moisturisers and other solutions available. It usually comes in the form of creams or foams. Anyway, this product is not known for its appearance but for its ingredients. No need to be too technical. Understand that it has components for the gradual darkening of the skin pigment.

After application, its colour becomes richer. But, it needs more touch-ups and applications before achieving that gorgeous tan. Other products may give you that deep tan that may turn you orange-looking. If you don’t want to walk around looking like a traffic cone, this is a good option. 

Spray Tanning 

Before, you need to go to the tanning salon for some spraying. This has been a problem for many men. For a good number, a trip to the salon decreases their masculinity. Well, that’s completely understandable. Women dominate the tanning salon scene, so it’s inevitable for men to feel out of place.

This is a thing of the past, of course. Spray tanning products are available for all men to use! You may find it in most stores or even order online. Some men swear by the benefits they get from using spray tans. For the most part, they stick to it for convenience. This product comes in different sizes. Because of this, it is easy to carry around, especially when travelling.

Spraying also saves time. You can reach hard-to-reach areas by aiming at them. Also, one spritz already covers a good part of the body. But, spraying may not be enough to achieve an even application. For best results, it may still be a good idea to use tanning mitts like you would with the mousse formula.

The verdict 

It all depends on you. Not one product outshines the rest. Each comes with sets of benefits and misgivings. Where one lacks, the other may have. That’s the general truth about using these tanning products. If you are dead set on using one, watch online videos and see real-time and unbiased reviews. 

Through this, you may come to a conclusion on what product to try. On the adventurous side, you may try a product or two then assess how it works for your skin. Also, check if it matches your lifestyle. Know that these self-tanning means have different effects. Be sure to observe before making the final decision.

Case in point: Only settle for a product that has an impressive review. You can check them out on different review sites. More so, go for one that only has natural ingredients so it won’t have any adverse effects. Man Tan is one of the products that’s taking the man tanning world by storm. You should check it out.

Different skin types for tanning 

First, let’s understand the fact that not all skin types are the same. You may have heard this before but it holds water. With this said, don’t go running to the store to buy a tanning product because it worked on someone else. It does not work that way.

Specific skin types may react in a different way when using self-tanning products. Achieving the best fake tan for pale skin in Australia needs research. It all begins with understanding different skin types. Let’s discuss these skin types and see what you should do to achieve the best tanning effects. 

Normal Skin 

Only a few people have this skin type. They should consider this as a blessing. Normal skin is free from blemishes. Oil secretion is also at bay. Dryness is not imminent. The skin, in general, appears soft and supple with that healthy glow. As for the face, a gentle moisturiser should be enough together with other mild cleansers.

When it comes to self-tanning, most products should work with normal skin. But, it is best to check on its ingredients. Pick the one that makes use of natural ingredients to avoid skin irritations. From the products listed above, choose the one the best suits you. If mousse fancies you, then there’s Man Tan. Impressed becomes an understatement.

Sensitive Skin 

Sensitive skin is often characterised for having mild to adverse effects from allergens. Other factors that trigger reactions would be dust, polluted air, dust, and more. Some strong skin products may also make the skin go haywire. The reaction may be in the form of red patches and peeling.

As such, you need to be extra careful in choosing the products to use for both the face and body. The same is true when it comes to your tanning product of choice. It doesn’t matter what kind you go for. The most important consideration is its ingredients to avoid irritation, among others.

Oily Skin 

Contrary to popular belief, it is a blessing to have oily skin. Why? Because this prevents the skin from premature aging. But, the excessive oil secretion from the face and other body parts has to be at bay. Also, while the skin takes longer to age the presence of oil makes it prone to breakouts.

Choose a tanning product that does not exacerbate oil production. You are better off using tanning lotions and mousse. Please stay away from tanning oils and serums which may make the skin appear more oily than usual. Its effects, especially when under the sun, may look unnatural for being too shiny. Your personality should shine the most, not your skin.

Dry Skin 

This is the opposite of oily skin. Dry skin usually appears peeled and rough to the touch. It makes the skin age faster as wrinkling is imminent. Cold climate/weather conditions are worst for this type as it tends to dry the skin more. 

It is then a given to be mindful of the self-tanner you choose to use. Because of their oily/greasy consistency, tanning oils should be a good option. The oil from this product should give your skin that moisture so it does not appear dull and lifeless. 

Tanning mousse is also a safe bet especially if it is gentle on the skin while keeping it moisturised. Man Tan for one is ideal for those with dry skin. It uses natural and safe ingredients so there’s no irritation. Even better, your skin gets that moisturised for a soft appearance with a natural glow. 

In conclusion 

It is good that you now know different self-tanning products that you can use. Even better, you are aware of what products to use for the skin type you have. These two have a direct correlation. Skin types somehow depend on what product you use. It could either benefit the skin or aggravate it (which you should avoid at all costs). 
You realise that achieving the best fake tan in Australia is not that intimidating at all. It only needs to use the best product to produce amazing results. Man Tan is one product that’s taking the tanning world by storm. More and more people from Australia and other countries swear by its effects. You need to try it and see for yourself the wonders it can do.