The essential product of 2021 that every fast food outlets must use: Custom Sneeze Guards made of Plexiglass

Now, more than ever, there’s a need for superb hygiene standards. And the current COVID-19 situation is an eye-opener on the need for improved personal hygiene. With millions of people and businesses worldwide making use of gloves and masks, you cannot afford to be left out.

Across the retail, food, hospitality, and a host of other industries, safety innovations are springing up, and CUSTOM SNEEZE GUARDS are the recent addition. Although sneeze guards have been in use for a very long time, they are getting more in the news as one of the most effective means to prevent the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria.

So what are sneeze guards? They are Plexiglas barriers designed to protect goods, salespeople, cashiers, and goods from contamination from airborne germs. As businesses plan for a comeback in the post-COVID era, having these sneeze guards will likely prove the difference between businesses and brands that value their customers’ safety and those that don’t have these.

All around the globe, the demand for Plexiglass sneeze guards are over the roof, so Fab Glass and Mirrors has provided a little guide to help you in choosing the best CUSTOM SNEEZE GUARDS for the safety of your business and customers. 

Why Fast-food outlets must have Custom Sneeze Guards?

Food is a serious business and that is why food outlets are held to the highest standards. You see, the current COVID situation has shown a beam of light on the food industry and everywhere you go. People want to know their foods are shielded from contamination as much as possible. These Plexiglas barriers help keep people at a distance to prevent possible infection while giving them an unobstructed view of your delicacies.

Even better, small spaces are usually cut at the bottom of the Plexiglas for easy exchange of goods and services while wearing protective clothing, of course. Although, sneeze guards do not offer 100% protection against the virus or any other dangerous virus for that matter, it significantly help to reduce chances of interaction. It shows you care about your customers and your brand to provide them some protection. 

Which Custom Sneeze Guards designs are suitable for food outlets?

There is no one size fits all here. Your sneeze guards could be 24 or possibly 90 inches long and you can also get custom-size Plexiglas sneeze guards. For the above dimensions, you know you have to get tables of the same size.

There are hosts of other options available out there from portable to mounted types. Listen: if you are aiming for a temporary setting, getting the mounted type will make little economic sense and vice versa. The table options have the freestanding types held by brackets and are suitable for tables.

That is not all. You also have the option of a single-sided or double-sided sneeze guard that is used in modern restaurants in this COVID era. While the single-sided barriers allow access from one side only, the double-sided types give more freedom and access to the food. Having either of the two could greatly improve your brand image as customers can see through to make their choice without going through any stress.

Safety and exquisite taste are not mutually exclusive so you also have the option of either a framed or frameless barrier. You see, the frameless types are relatively easier to clean but what they lose in appearance, they make up for in their lighter size to the framed types that are usually sturdier.

While protecting your customers from the virus, you can add an extra layer of protection from cuts by getting a framed or frameless type. Framed edges give extra protection from cuts and bruises. Although the frameless types are not so sharp to cause serious damages, you have nothing to lose from being sure there’s nothing to cut your customers.

You must note, however, that what makes an effective sneeze guard for your business is the one that is tall enough to protect your customers, employees, and goods from contamination. And the cutouts for exchange should be made small and positioned far away from your customers’ faces.

Type of glass and materials 

It is not enough to have a glass that breaks at the slightest impact. For your safety and the safety of your customers. When it comes to the best materials for sneeze guards, Plexiglas tops the list. Lighter and more resistant to weathering, it affords you great flexibility in this stiff COVID atmosphere. Being acrylic in nature, Plexiglas is significantly cheaper to maintain and replace.  

Tempered glass, on the other hand, offers the strength and fineness of glass. Unlike regular glass, tempered glass doesn’t shatter into a thousand pieces on impact. This is why for businesses that encounter large traffic, having a tempered glass sneeze guard is the way to go. They can withstand high impacts and are scratch-resistant too. 

Annealed glass is another great option if you don’t like the idea of a tempered or Plexiglas. Although it is not as strong as tempered glass, it offers some strength, unlike regular glass. You see, on great impact, annealed glass breaks into longer or jagged shards that could be dangerous to people nearby. You can also consider polycarbonate glass which is similar to acrylic glass but some properties are different.

Protect yourself and your customers

There is nothing like being too safety conscious in this virus pandemic. For your business, you must employ the best safety methods and precautions. Doing so gives your customers a sense of belonging and improves your brand image.

You must not forget to regularly clean your sneeze guards, as even the most beautiful glass could turn ugly if left dusty and not cleaned. A clean rag and water would do the task. If you must use a glass cleaner, take note, however, to avoid mixtures containing ammonia as it could react harshly with your Plexiglas.

Moreover, remember you have lots of options (tempered, Plexiglas, and annealed) to choose from. Even while keeping it safe, you can still be trendy. At Fab Glass and Mirrors, you have access to durable CUSTOM SNEEZE GUARDS that are affordable. And a very understanding customer care for all your inquiries.