The Many Joys of Living in Delaware

Do you want to relocate to somewhere better? Are you planning for a week-long getaway to visit a state that you might want to call home? Do you want a retirement place? Then Delaware should be the place you settle. 

Also known as “the First State”, Delaware has revealed its outstanding position as a state that serves value and beauty in the same place. From the scenic beauty and affordable housing rates to the low tax rates and diversified outdoor recreational choices, Delaware is the place you’ve been looking for.

Delaware is ranked as the number-one tax-friendly state in the United States. It is only in Delaware that you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy fresh-air pursuits like recreational fishing, birdwatching, sailing, and golfing.

The architecture gives you a lifetime to enjoy and bask in architectural glory. You can also take advantage of various shopping opportunities and events thanks to the high-end outlet centers and prominent institutions, performance spaces, and galleries.

Here are the joys of Delaware that make it a state to spend a great portion of your days.

Rehoboth Beach Real Estate and the Peaceful Seaside Retreats

Delaware must cross your mind if you want a weekend out in a place that will present you with a peaceful retreat. 

Whether it’s a getaway, a place that will give you the breeze you need to recover from a stressful situation, a region for cool exercising, or a moment of a cool ocean breeze, Delaware is a perfect choice.

You only need to think about places like Rehoboth Beach real estate any time you want to try something new. The calm waters of Rehoboth Bay make it a great fit any time you want to try paddling or practices for your surfing lessons. 

Bethany Beach will be a perfect place if you want something adventurous. 

The Tax Advantages

Delaware is a tax-friendly jurisdiction in many ways. This is one of the few paradise locations with absolutely no sales tax requirements. This makes it a shoppers’ heaven. 

Similarly, Delaware is one of the states with the lowest estate tax rates. Did you know that social security taxes in Delaware are tax exempt? That only adds to its appeal.

You Will Always Have Something To Do

“Boring” is never a word that one can utter in Delaware. Though you may choose Delaware as a retirement place, you’ll always have something to do if you’re in places like Wilmington. There are dozens of peaceful and charming communities and big-city attractions like shopping centers, vibrant riverfronts, and museums. 

The History

Delaware is the state to be if you want to learn America’s history spanning over 400 years. The state offers great preservation of the colonial English and Dutch architecture that will make you develop the feeling of elder statesmanship. From the du Pont mansion of the 1800s to the Dutch architecture of the 17th century and the Lewes of 1600, Delaware is rich in U.S colonial history.

The Parks and Nature Preserves

Delaware gives you more than its cities and beaches when it comes to great outdoor spaces. From the Brandywine Creek State Park to Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware will present you with everything you want whenever you want to get in touch with mother nature. If you are a senior, living in Delaware will always mean being in touch with nature because of these places:

  • Fenwick Island State Park
  • Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge
  • Delaware Seashore State Park
  • Redden State Forest

Take a trip to Delaware and find out why it is the best space for you.

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