The other Side of The Story “Clash Between HungryPanda and its Rider”

Last week, Sydney Morning Herald and Mirage News reported a so-called ‘an outraging clash between HungryPanda and its rider’ have raised a number of questions on company’s decision of pay cuts. It looks like the Australian media trying to protect riders’ rights, but it turns out a different story after finding more information from different perspectives.

The company stated that these necessary measures were taken to ensure a better operation and to provide more welfares, including insurance policies to its riders.Moreover, when reviewing the adjustment, some deliveries will attract higher payments, and some payments will be adjusted down. A large number of contract rates will not change at all.

The change of riders’ contract rates still meets the market standard, but it shown without the commission fee compared with other platforms, so this could be another reason when riders cannot review their salaries clearly. According to the company statement, the adjustment will help to ensure the long-term viability of their service, which means the company will be able to continue to offer contracting opportunities to their delivery partners.

The media used the protest as the reason to degrade the company, not even bring in the company’s side of the story and just portrait the scene using the rider’s side. Recent news reported by Sydney Morning Herald used the empathy description to report their news. In the article, a hopeless driver will lose his job and have no salary to raise his family. But ironically, the picture provided only proves the rider works for UberEATS. Thus, saying that the rider is helpless is a contradictory statement. The journalist also confirms the rider was fired by the company only because of the protesting participation. Of course, the evidence only comes from the rider. But in reality,there are 20 drivers who participated in the protest in Sydney, but only one person has been fired. The story is too farfetched using this conclusion. According to the research, the driver was fired because of his poor performance and uncivil behavior towards company, restaurants and customers. Which left the company with no choice but to take strict action against the rider.

Media misguided the public through their powerful influence in the media. The Transport Workers Union also are busy to enlarge the negative situation by the statement of their National Secretary Michael Kaine. His exaggerate and political expression provides no good solution. We interviewed several riders, and some said the protesting riders were seen hindering the normal delivery by other drivers and damaging their cars.

The TWU should discuss and negotiate with the company in a proper method. Government, unions and media should serve for the public, not using the incident to only attract the public attention and influence the public as their wish.