The Reason Hai Dinho Believes Sales Is The Most Important Education

Technology is most likely something we can all agree upon that is constantly changing every year. Who doesn’t have a smartphone these days? Well, technology and education plays hand in hand according to entrepreneur Hai Dinho. If you’ve ever done a boring college course either online or in school and you ask yourself, “It’s so boring, none of this is relevant in this day and age”, that reasoning could mean our materials are outdated.

Hai Dinho is the founder of Everyday Biz Solutions LLC which is a financial service company he founded during his first year in college. Dinho studied marketing/business while in school in hopes of developing the crucial skills he desired to open a successful business after college. This route in his career however, took a major turn after he discovered that college wasn’t suited for the profession he is striving for. Dinho worked for numerous companies in college mainly in the sales department. He started out with door to door sales selling DirectTV, door to door sales for solar panels and lastly switched into the telecommunication industry which was his most successful occupation for a decent time. Dinho worked under the wing of the former American corporate giant Sprint, which is a telecommunication company providing wireless voice, messaging and broadband services.

Hai Dinho Believes

Throughout his 2 years working in the telecommunication industry, he developed the skills in communication and the art of selling which he implemented in his financial service company. While working there, he often asked himself, “I am successfully closing sales for this company and each new line I bring on I get a commission.

But, this commission is only good for one month and I would have to restart this whole process again month to month. The opportunity cost for me here is to low. I understand how to sell why don’t I use these skills to start my own company in the financial service field to receive a residual income versus a commission for one sale”? This idea drove Hai Dinho to quit his job and go all in to sales for his independent company. Throughout his years learning how to sell in a completely new industry, he came into realization that sales is the most important aspect in business. Dinho had many failed business attempts but after learning the correct way to sell, he finally understood that his major flaw was the understanding of communication with consumers and development of a clear sales funnel.

Hai Dinho’s financial service company is now 3 years old and this serial entrepreneur has molded his craft in this field. Dinho said, “All of my failed business attempts were a blessing in disguise. God knew I wasn’t ready so he wanted me to learn through these obstacles to be where I am today”. The greatest lesson Dinho learned in the sales process was: building rapport, asking open ended questions, body language and listening to the consumer or business he was pitching to.

Hai Dinho’s Sales Tips:

Whatever sales industry you take on, learn about your target audience. For example, where would your audience be on social media based on age and demographic, what music would they listen to, what restaurant would they eat at? These questions will help you formulate your ideal audience which in return will help you have a higher closing rate when you go out into the field. Lastly, recognise failure as progress. Most sales person understand that every no they receive is one step closer to that yes!

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