Things to know before buy of luxury vegan leather handbags For Everyday Use

Handbag is an allay we take everywhere, our storage compartment, our pantry. In short, our life is contained within it. Perfume, wallet, makeup, cell phone, makeup remover wipes, lipstick if ever a last-minute date arrives unexpectedly, 14-18 old sales receipt, gloves that you borrowed from your mother but that you never put, the latest magazine, an old candy bar, most likely out of date. Your purse contains all your secrets. It accompanies you everywhere, and it is for this reason that it is essential to choose it well.

  • Matter

The material is the essence of your bag. It is therefore essential not to choose it on the fly. We advise you to opt for beautiful materials: we avoid faux leather, which will wear out in a week, and give you a cheap side that is not valid at all. You will be using your handbag every day. Quality material is, therefore, to be favored: leather. The solid material will last longer and allow you to carry more weight (ultra-practical for a laptop, for example).

  • The size

The size of luxury vegan leather handbags must, of course, be taken into account. If you use your handbag to store a few things, go with a clutch or messenger bag. These models are light and have the advantage of letting your outfit breathe. Conversely, if your handbag is a happy mess, the backpack, tote bag, or tote bag are perfect: ultra-large, they allow you to store all possible and unimaginable items (yes, they are tote bags). -all, we agree). Finally, if you are a reasonable person and your handbag requires an average size, we recommend the bowling or timeless lady bags, which are ultra-classy.

  • The color

The color of your little gem is almost as essential as the material. If it is above all a question of taste, we still advise you to avoid black. Indeed, the bag is, above all, an accessory: it is, therefore, an opportunity to boost your outfit and indulge in little follies. It very generally comes to brighten up a look or complete it, so we avoid choosing it in a gloomy color. We cross the course of bright colors, and we opt for a royal blue, a pine green, or, better, a sparkling red. For the shy of us, go for primary colors: nude, beige, camel, the choice is yours!

  • The form

There are many shapes, and choosing them is, above all, a matter of taste and color! In the rectangular shapes category, we find the Doctor Bag, which, as you will understand, has the same opening system as the doctor’s cases (well, in much classier anyway), the tote, or the Lady bag. Our little favorite is the bucket bag for rounder shapes, followed by the messenger bag and the bowling bag. Finally, for square shapes, we opt for the satchel bag, ultra-trendy to give you a little rebellious schoolgirl look.

  • Which bag according to its morphology?

Do you know everything about the handbag? Fault! To choose the right handbag, it is essential to match it with its morphology! Right away, we’ll tell you everything!

  • Handbag when you’re little

Who says small size says small bag! Indeed, choosing an XXL bag would be the worst idea to have: it would hide you, and we could not see you (we are laughing, of course). For small sizes, go for small models: clutch bags, small handbags.

  • Handbag when you’re tall

When you’re tall, you prefer a large handbag. Yep, conversely, a bag that’s too small in your long hands would look utterly ridiculous (sort of like a bearded, tattooed 2-meter hipster walking around with a quirky Chihuahua). Your allies: tote bags, oversized bags, maxi bags, in short, everything big! Our favorite: the fabric tote bag, seen everywhere but stylish.

  • Bag to go to the office

To go to work, you can’t be all fired up when it comes to your handbag. Indeed, there are codes to respect, and it is hard to imagine seeing your boss with his latest braided bag with pompoms! We, therefore, opt for a classy and practical handbag (because yes, we must also be able to store our files there).

Buying luxury vegan leather handbags require extreme care if your goal is to get a durable item. This requires proper consideration, given the many designs, patterns, and colors on offer. While the choices are too many to simplify, newer models are always available. Regardless of the option, the item should be quality and unique for your style. However, leather is by far the best material for a woman. Here are the main advantages of a handmade leather bag.

  • Originality

Nothing looks original if you see it every day. According to psychology, studies of the social behavior of human beings, or common sense, everything we see every day no longer attracts us. So, when it comes to a leather handbag, there are naturally several patterns. No artificial mechanical process or machine is used to create visions and imprints on the skin. Indeed, each animal has sporadic natural patterns. This is why designers, fashion professionals, and trend followers appreciate this material.

  • Durability

One of the most remarkable advantages of luxury vegan leather handbags. It is renowned for its durability, as it has minimal risk of wear and tear due to its high quality. Unlike other bags, leather handbags, especially handmade bags, are renowned for their durability unless they are often subjected to external aggressions. Durability is just one of the many qualities of leather. High-quality leather is exceptionally durable and less susceptible to damage. Adequately maintained, leather bags will age well and become even more beautiful over time. No material can compete with leather bags regarding the professionalism and the chic and luxurious style it offers.

  • Respectful of nature

Because leather is considered a natural fabric, no chemicals are used to make it. However, the market is full of synthetic leather bags that can cause rashes. Genuine leather bags are biodegradable and do not harm the environment. Buying a leather bag is, therefore, an ecological choice.

  • Tanning

The production of leather bags and Tuscany is famous for its handcrafted products. It is also renowned for its vast experience in the production of avant-garde quality natural leather goods. The comprehensive vegetable tanning process used in manufacturing leather bags in Tuscany makes them safer for the environment. This procedure involves the use of natural substances which give the leather certain unique qualities, such as warm colors and luster.

  • Long hard

Pure leather prevents mites, fungal attacks, and dry abrasion. If you are a seasoned traveler, a sturdy travel bag is your best friend. It allows you to store your essentials without worrying about its resistance.

Due to their superior quality and extreme strength, users are willing to pay even the highest prices for alligator skin bags. For this reason, fashion houses are making more and more leather products of different designs, dimensions, and sizes.


The store’s premium luxury vegan leather handbags are durable due to their genuine and durable material. Unlike faux leather bags, handmade leather bags get better with age.