Things you can do if you are terminated wrongfully in California

If you are terminated or fired recently and found out that any illegal cause or unlawful reason has fired you, then you can bring a claim for wrongful termination against the employer you were working for with the help of a wrongful termination lawyer. This thing can help you get the damages that had happened after the termination of your job while you can find a new job in the meantime.

What is this wrongful termination?

The term Wrongful terminations mean if the employer fires an employee without any legal reasons in the eyes of the law. But in California, there is a term called “at-will”. That means the people of California have full freedom of their will and can fire any employee as they want. But in the recent years the government has given thought and come to decisions that from now on an employee can claim wrongful termination as long as he or she is an employee of California in the following circumstances:

  • Firing an employee in violation of federal and state anti-discrimination law.
  • Firing for sexual harassment
  • Firing for a written employment agreement
  • Firing in violation of labour laws and other collective laws about employee

Some of these can cause the formal employer penalties, and some of them can cause the employer a handsome amount of payment. It is always based on the situation the employee has faced while working with the employer. The fine may vary depending on how many of the reasons the employer have done.

Things to do after getting fired in California

Certain things can be done when an employee is being fired for the wrongful termination in California:

  • Don’t do anything that may lead to a negative impression of the former employer.
  • Contact a wrongful termination lawyer for advice and further help.
  • Keep your employment contract for further information
  • Find out the leading cause of why the employee being fired.
  • Check all the promises the employer have made with you
  • Do not get intimated
  • Return every company products if you have any.

You should always listen to the lawyer that you have hired to solve this kind of situation. In this situation, a lawyer is your best option. He will do all the legal stuff while you can find a new job. The lawyer will try the level best to find justice for the wrongful terminal.

Negotiating a severance package

If you and your lawyer find that negotiating  a severance package is the best option that you havehere are some useful tips that can help you:

  • Stay calm and quiet when you are fired
  • Take enough time to think about any offer the employer has to offer
  • If there is any term, ask your employer to give you a written document about this
  • Do not accept the first offer the employer has to offer
  • Stay in the payroll as long as possible
  • Negotiate with the employer to continue providing all the necessary things while you are receiving the severance pay

Talk to any lawyer before claiming the termination claim

In this scenario, a lawyer can be the best friend. Because most of the people don’t know what to do in situations like this. A wrongful termination lawyer can help you advise the best thing to do in these types of cases. You may have a strong point for claiming file against the former employer that you have been working on. So the best idea is to leave this kind of stuff to the experts then they will do the rest.