Though buying Instagram followers is easy, should you buy them?

You can either buy a pizza at Dominos or can buy Instagram followers. The former will satisfy your cravings while the latter will make you a bonafide influencer on Instagram. Do you follow an influencer? Have you ever noticed their follower count? Do you want to be an influencer too? Well, there is a common answer to all these questions and the answer is somewhat related to the follower count on Instagram. If you become an influence on Instagram then deals of some great brands will come to you and you will be asked to promote their products among your follower base. Exciting, isn’t it? But you will need several Instagram followers in the first place to start with the process.

Buying Instagram followers is no tough job and you can buy several followers at a much cheaper rate nowadays. Instagram followers have become insanely cheap. There are various sites available from where you can easily buy as many followers as you want. Some of them are Buzzoid, InstaBoostCount, iDigic, etc. You can buy as many followers as 10,000 from these sites at relatively cheaper rates. Though the price paid to buy followers on Instagram is not much when as an influencer you can earn hundreds of dollars in some deals of popular brands.

Who are the followers you are going to buy?

The followers you buy can be legitimate users or can be a mix of bot accounts and genuine users. The users will be people who have signed up to follow swapping or credit likes. Followers who sign up for credit likes are usually the ones who follow others to earn credit. Such credits can be used to get more followers from their account. However, while buying followers you should always keep in mind that never order for followers at once. For instance, if currently, the follower’s count of your account is between 500-700 then you should never opt for a 10,000 followers package. Instagram has a backend team that detects all fraudulent activities taking place. They also keep a track of like and follow programs.

With a suspicious increase in followers, there are high chances that your account will get suspended or terminated entirely. Brands have also started to watch and crackdown influencers with fake followers. You can buy Instagram followers but then the engagement on your posts should be in an equivalent ratio with the number of followers you have. Follower count and post engagement should be in proper ratio so that it looks legitimate.

Your followers may include bot accounts that are harmful and carry viruses. Such accounts are believed to steal people’s passwords, etc. Consider blocking a bot account if you find one.

Summing Up

Be conscious when you decide to buy Instagram followers. Though the process of increasing followers manually is time-consuming, you should try to build a list of genuine followers so that you are sure that your followers are not bots and are genuine accounts. This way, the success of your profile will not be fake and your posts will get a lot of genuine love from your true followers.