Timeless Shoe Styles Every Woman Needs

There has long been a cliche that women are obsessed with shoes, and even if you’re not a shopaholic with an emphasis on footwear, the search for the best shoes – especially timeless styles – can definitely start to become tiring. Having plenty of options in your wardrobe is important to go with different outfits and seasons, like the best winter snow boots or the perfect beachside flip-flops, but decision fatigue can also set in when there are too many options. Whether you’re looking to minimize your closet collection or master a timeless style, keep reading for all the shoe styles that every woman needs for a rounded footwear collection.

Leather Loafers

Nothing looks as smart and polished with as many outfit choices as a beautiful genuine leather loafer. Even if you’re vegan, you can opt for a faux leather loafer though it may not last you as long as the real deal. Leather loafers look dressed up without the foot pain or backache that a pair of heels can bring. Leather loafers pair perfectly with everything from mini dresses to wide-leg pants.

Classic Flats

Whether you opt for a fancy flat with leather and embellishments, velvet with bows, or just a neutral black or beige, a pair of classic flat women’s shoes is a must in every woman’s wardrobe. Flats go great with everything from jeans to suits and many dresses. They are year-rounders and can be worn through every season and give you the elevation and polished look without having to wear a heel.

Fresh Sneakers 

Whether you opt for a dad style, a retro or high fashion pair of fresh sneakers, they’re a must in the women’s fashion game. These sneakers are not to be confused with ones you wear on walks or working out; they are a pair of fresh, colorful crispy sneaks that can dress down elevated looks or pair perfectly with athleisure and streetwear. Keeping them clean and in good condition will help them stay in style for years.

Athletic Shoes 

While it’s important to have sneakers for your fashionable days, it’s just as important to have a pair of comfortable and supportive athletic shoes to provide protection and comfort for any physical activity in which you’re involved. Whether that looks like playing with your children, going on a jog with a friend, or hitting the gym, a pair of athletic shoes that fit you appropriately and support your footbed is essential.

White Slip Ons

Rounding out the sneakers you need in your closet, a white pair of slip-on sneakers is a must for every woman. While you may be traditional and think these can only be worn in spring or summer, fashion experts say the opposite. These pair perfectly with black-on-black outfits, even working with motorcycle jackets and heavy winter wardrobes. The beauty of a crispy white slip-on is it doesn’t take a second thought to slide your foot in before heading out the door during the day and still look pulled together. They’re easy to care for with bleach and wash well in the washing machine, allowed to air-dry. Taking care of your white slip-on will ensure they stay beautiful, clean, and ready for anything or your outfit!

Special Occasion Shoes

In addition to the functional and comfortable shoes mentioned above, every woman’s wardrobe should include at least one pair of special occasion shoes. You can spend as much or as little as you want to, but investing in a pair of designer special occasion heels that make you feel confident and attractive is worth the splurge. You can opt for fun embellishments like rhinestones and pearls, which are very on-trend, or keep things classic with a red sole black patent heel.

Having the right shoes for different occasions can tie an outfit together. While your hair and face may be the first thing, someone notices about you, purses and footwear come in as a close second. Taking the time to curate a collection of shoes that you’re not only proud of but make you feel great about is something that pays off for every woman. Comfort is key, and while you shouldn’t sacrifice style for comfort these days, countless options look great and feel great.