Top 10 Dispatch Software Products for Trucking Companies

Minimizing costs and maximizing productivity is one of the most elite business rules of the modern times with every company trying to reduce investment and investment related jargon as the thirst for more productivity continues to be quenched through not just manual hard work but by advanced mobile applications too. 

One such ace application involves the cloud field service software that allows dispatch companies to monitor their dispatch vehicles effortlessly. 

Now with the changing times, solutions have become dynamic and coming across an ace dispatch software may not be that hard. 

Spoilt for choices, however, it is not uncommon for companies to settle down for the wrong dispatch software. We have rounded up the top 10 software applications that we feel would be the perfect fit for you. 

1.    ProTransport

Garnering 13 years of professional experience, ProTransport software has diligently catered to hundreds of business and administrative needs with solutions like accounting, dispatching, document storage, compliance, and interactive engagement facilities keeping you connected with your dispatch team effortlessly. 

Completed with an easy dashboard and color-coded effect, ProTransport uses diverse modules to customize fleet management solutions with integrated programs like QuickBooks, fuel card providers, IFTA, GPS, and more enhancing the trucking dispatch software experience. 

2.    PCS Software

Working tirelessly for 20 years and more, PCS Software has proficiently rendered services to both carriers and freights with its cloud-based software solutions allowing easy access anywhere and everywhere you go. 

Perks like smooth interaction between drivers and dispatchers, accounting and fuel taxes or surcharge notifications, and IFTA makes this software a super smooth experience. 

3.    Onfleet

If you’re looking for a one-stop app that keeps notifying you every update- Onfleet is the one for you. From streamlining operations to offering real-time tracking, delivery update and proof, automated SMS notification solutions and more, Onfleet has been providing exceptional services with perks like route mapping and dispatch operations all collected under one big umbrella, assisting dispatchers with thorough real-time updates.

4.    McLeod Software

From freight and document management to dispatch, accounting, bid procurement, and managing customers and dispatch drivers all the same time- McLeod Software is the one for you. 

Apart from helping dispatcher’s out with feedback, marketing and sales outputs, fleet performance management, and more, this software is also well known in the trucking dispatch software industry for its flagship software LoadMaster dispatch software and PowerBroker.

5.    Prophesy

Yet another dispatch genius with more than 2 decades of veteran experience, Prophesy started as a pioneering brand easing out dispatch solutions through efficient management. 

With more than 12000 trucking companies making Prophesy their go-to dispatch software, this brand has soon branched into shipping and broker too. 

6.    TruckingOffice

The brand TruckingOffice initially started as an individual effort by a fleet owner who wanted to organize his dispatches in the most convenient manner ever. 

Today, the popularity of TruckingOffice backed by the convenience in usability has led many small and mid-sized companies into adopting this software to effortlessly smoothen out their dispatching, accounting, maintenance, and IFTA reporting services. 

The TruckingOffice software that comes in a two-tier format, namely the Basic and Pro packages recognizes itself a post-paid software that allows you to access the software without worrying about hidden costs or annual fees.

7.    ITS Dispatch

Affiliate of the infamous, ITS Dispatch with its fleet of 50,000 and more registered users have diligently catered its web-based services with integrated programs like QuickBooks Pro, IFTA, file and document storage, and more adding oomph to this dispatch software. 

 What we like most about this software is that users can easily replace the ITS Dispatch logo with their own adding more credibility to the software solution. 

8.    FleetMaster

The FleetMaster is yet another cloud-based dispatch software that tailors tour dispatch solutions for you making this one of the most customizable and easy to use mobile apps for dispatch tracking and management. 

Perks of FleetMaster includes an interactive tracking solution, truck rental, cost management, planning optimization, and more which makes this software solution such a wonder in terms of dispatch management. 

9.    Tailwind Transportation Software

Yet another postpaid software with the best of dispatch management services clouded in it, the Tailwind Transportation Software mainly lists its client base as truck brokerages, trucking fleets, freight brokers and more with more than 16 years of sturdy experience. 

The Tailwind Transportation Software comes in three distinct layers- The Standard, The Pro, and The Enterprise with each tier rounding up trucking dispatch solutions in the most convenient way ever! 

10.    TMW Systems

Founded in 1983 as a fleet and dispatch management software, TMW Systems has been deemed perfect for transportation software management with services made appropriate for not just truckloads, carriers and freight brokers, but also for oilfield services, private fleets, waste management, construction, and more. 

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive solution to managing your dispatch- TMW will be the one for you. 

Things to look for when you’re choosing a dispatch software for your truck

•    Affordability

•    Efficiency 

•    User-friendliness 

•    Positive customer feedback

•    Add-on features 

•    Built to fit your needs 

•    Customizations 

Now, that you have a clear idea of which dispatch software can make a difference to your business experience, let’s set a foot out and get the ball rolling.