Top 5 Indoor Sports For Family

Bonding your family is not impossible even if you are not outside. While it sounds absurd, it is an achievable feat!

Of course, there are situations that prevent us from taking our family on an outdoor tour or camping trip. Bad weather, for instance, can keep our feet from moving. 

But this shouldn’t dishearten anyone in your house. There are wonderful and exciting things that you can do to break the ice.

For starters, here are some indoor sports!

Ping Pong 

Obviously, the first choice that you have is ping pong or table tennis (or whatever you want to call it). This game is enjoyable because it can be played by both young and old. 

Furthermore, it is also suitable for group play. Everyone can have fun and giggles without any drawbacks. 

There’s no fear for injuries here as ping pong is generally a safe game. 

All you need to do is to invest in the essential equipment for the sport. A good table and a set of the best ping pong rackets can already make your indoor time worthwhile!


If you happen to access a recreational center, an excellent sport to try is badminton. Just like ping pong, this game is relatively simple and doesn’t require extensive experience or skills.

The game can be played by anyone, as it is fairly less rigorous compared to other sports out there. Despite its simplicity, badminton serves as a good way for families to catch up with one another. 

Moreover, sport is a suitable means to exercise the body. It can help you burn calories and remain fit all the time.

Indoor Climbing

If you want a little thrill, you can leave your home and find a facility where indoor climbing is being offered. Trust me; it is an adventure that your family will never forget. 

One of the key advantages of indoor climbing is it is safe. There are safety harnesses and protective equipment to prevent accidental falls.

Also, the conditions and settings of the climb are controlled. You can let your kids try a course that their bodies can tackle.

For adults, it is a good way to break the rust. It trains your muscles and overall dexterity, which would help you become healthier. 

Of course, the experience itself is definitely worth cherishing. 


One way or another, indoor volleyball is superb leisure for the family. While it is true that it is not as appealing as beach volleyball, indoor volleyball can still deliver the delight and exhilaration that you are looking for.

A group of four is already enough to play this sport. You don’t need a team of six before you can try tossing and passing the ball. 

You can take it easy if you are with your little kids. Try to teach them the basics, and it works as your bonding time with them. 

But if you have teens already, you can already take things slightly serious. If they are better than you, then it is the right time that you learn from them!

That should boost their morale!


If your family wants something that’s unique, boxing is the sport to try. 

Don’t view boxing as violent and brutal. It is a noble sport, and it is a marvelous way to exercise and train the body.

Furthermore, it is a reliable means of self-defense. You will never know when you or your family will ever need it. 

It’s quite reassuring that all the members of your family are equipped with the skill to fight back in the right situation. But on any other occasion, boxing is a way of instilling discipline.

Sure enough, training how to box with your family is a lot of fun! Sweating and breathing heavily with your family are valuable experiences that you can’t be replaced by anything!


These are some of the indoor sports that you can do with your family. They are definitely worth checking out, especially if the outdoors are not yet available for you to play around. 

Indoor sports have a myriad of health benefits. That alone proves that they are worth to be delved by your pack!

That’s it for now. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. 

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