Top Cultural Festivals to Explore in Greece

Exploring culture and traditions is an imperative aspect of tourism in Greece. When I visited Greece through Virikson Holidays, I took every opportunity to be part of the cultural locally or internationally celebrated festivals. Visit Greece, telly the dates and participate in the Cultural festivals held all around the year. Here are some of the festivals and their significance to tell why you should participate in the festivals.

Top Greek Festivals You should Participate

Book your visit to Greece and take your part in the open-air theatres, dramas, and movies. Music and film festivals are also held in Greece. To know what the major festivals are there in Greece and why should you be the part of them, keep reading the blog.

Epidaurus Festival in Athens:

Its special thing is to celebrate the Musical history of Greeks. It is an art festival held during May and October, almost summers in Greece and includes many events at the same time. This is a very famous festival in Greece and a great attraction for the tourists who are visiting the holiday destination at the respective time.

Kalymnos Diving and Climbing Festival:

Visiting Greece’s Kalymnos islands in October? There is something special for you. Kalymnos climbing from the hard cliffs on the Island is an activity includes in the Kalymnos festival. For tourists, it is a matter of great attraction and an opportunity to take Greece into some other lense.

It is not just a sports festival, to promote that sport and its significance, seminars, meetups, and workshops are organized on the holiday destination to spread awareness about the very famous Kalymnos Diving festival.

Naoussa Carnival in a small town:

It is the beauty of the trip if you discover and take part in any of the locally important festivals. Naoussa Carnival Festival is one of the very interesting festivals travelers must take part in. There is a specific costume of the event people wear, dance and sing on the events held in the town.

There are a lot of other events take place in this very special event. Book your Greece’s trip in late February or the start of March, you can be part of the very cultural and traditional festival in the smallest town in the country.

It is also called a film festival and being in Greece on these dates, you will see the colors of film, drama, and literature all over in Greece.

Marathon Festival in Athens:

It is held in November and a very special event in Greece to attend for the travelers. It is linked with some religious mythology maybe. It is said that on the same dates,  a messenger came to Athens to give the message of victory to greeks about Persia’s victory.  Being a traveler, you should be part of Marathon, it is a healthy activity.

Athens International Street Theatre Festival:

It is a matter of interest. I love street theatre. In my school, High School and even in University, I played in many street theatres and have the interest to discover this art in every nook of the world. I went to Athens to attend the street theatre festival and it really filled my experience with many joys and delights.

It will take place from 8-14 of April and have a variety of theatres all around in Athens. It includes circus Music Theatre, Children theatre, puppet theatre, Grafitti, Breakdance, Music and all that. It would inspire you too. Book your trip to Athens during April and then you will be able to take the pleasures and delights from the festival.

Kalamata Dance festival:

It is to promote art, music, and dance in the smallest destination of Greece and it worth your visit. Travelers especially people who are connected with dance and music especially participate in the festival.

You will find a lot of colors, delights and cultural representations during your participation in the event. Seminars, workshops to target the Arts, dance and Music students are taken place during the festival dates in Kamalata to aware people of its importance.

Thessaloniki International Film Festival:

It is the bigger film festival in Europe and displays a lot of events and activities for the promotion of Modren film, and drama. Directors, Actors, Artists, and writers come to visit the destination to attend the film festival to promote the film and drama culture.

People who are beginners in Film and Drama industry are suggested to participate in the festival, meet with the good names in the Film industry and learn in the environment.

Athens Street Food Festival:

It is a tradition in Greece to celebrate the festival of street food. Travelers especially enjoy taking the opportunity to taste a number of traditional Greek food there. A beautiful melt of old traditional and modern dishes gives this festival more gastronomical vibes.