Top Six Interesting Things to do in Canada

Canada is a huge wonderland, blessed with diverse geological stuff. Every territory shares its character and offers remarkable gifts to the experience hungry explorer.

Filtering through three million war relics at the Canadian War Museum (Ottawa) provides explorers with some samples of what this fantastic nation has to offer. From the cantilevered walkways sticking to the rock bluffs of Capilano Suspension Bridge Park to the elaborately manicured gardens of Butchart Gardens, this country satisfies each explorer’s fantasies.

6 Fun Things to do in Canada

There are many wonders in Canada. More so, there are many top things to do in Canada. Below are six interesting things to do in Canada.

Algonquin Provincial Park

Irrespective of what type of adventure you seek as a traveler, encountering the Algonquin Provincial Park is what you will be looking forward to. 

Most travelers will likely decide to tour the 56 km of Highway 60 that slices through the recreation area, offering eight camping areas and fourteen climbing trails. Three stops en route clarify the social and natural history of the park – the Algonquin Logging Museum, the Algonquin Visitor Center, as well as the Algonquin Art Center. In spring, guests should look out for moose along the expressway.

Butchart Gardens

The amazing garden is open all year round, yet to completely see the value in its excellence, guests should attempt to go during the top season in July and August. Before visiting, it is smart to download its Map and Guide. This is accessible in twenty-two dialects and it offers a concise history. Butchart Gardens consist of several gardens. 

There is also a plant ID counter, where specialists answer questions, a seed and gift store, plus three cafés. Also, the guest center loans umbrellas, dog leashes, buggies, and wheelchairs.

Jasper National Park

This amazing national park is situated in Alberta, traversing 6,835 square miles. It is also an arm of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks UNESCO World Heritage Site. Jasper National Park is the greatest public park in the Canadian Rockies, highlighting mountains, snow-capped knolls, woodlands, waterways, and icy masses.  

About seventy warm-blooded animal species flourish in this park, including wild bears, moose, as well as elk. The park also offers over 615 miles of climbing trails and more than twelve miles of multi-use and bicycle cordial paths. It’s also a coveted spot for camping. For lovers of watersports, you will also find this location very interesting. 

Canada’s Wonderland

This is the top-notch center when it comes to amusements and water parks. From street festivals to heart-beating rides to live shows, this park has everything an adventurer will want.  

Here, there are more than decently-five rides that engage children of any age, including Taxi Jam for the little ones, as well as Soaring Timbers for seekers of thrill. Sprinkle park attractions, remembered for the Canada Wonderland confirmation, additionally take special care of any age from the widely adored adrenaline rush, Muskoka Plunge to Splash Island Kiddie Slides. As a rider, you can skirt the line on specific well-known park rides when you purchase Fast Lane or Fast Lane Plus wristbands. There are a lot of shows to engage in as well as a surge of continuous occasions.

Horseshoe Falls

This is one of the three cascades of Niagara. About ninety percent of the Niagara River streams over this fall at an inconceivable pace of 600,000 gallons each second. To have the best view here, you should go to the Niagara Parkway south of the Rainbow Bridge or the Table Rock. To have a sky-view look, guests can climb the Skylon Tower. When the sunsets, these glorious falls are illuminated in wonderful beautiful lights, a perfect stunning sight.

Othello Tunnels

Located in the Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park, the Othello Tunnels is an interesting place to visit. These tunnels were made by Chief Engineer Andrew McCulloch from 1910 to 1916. It was such a daunting task as he and his team had to drill through strong stone – even through winter. The passages are astonishing to check out and stroll through.


Canada is home to amusements and water parks. You won’t go wrong by visiting any of these locations for top-notch adventure. Finally, you can also engage in sport and adventure in New Zealand after your visit to Canada.