Top Software Development Trends of 2021

The field of software development is constantly expanding with even more technological possibilities and innovations. Software development is a dynamic field that is versatile and constantly evolving with the advent of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and a lot more.

Software development is going to continue to be relevant, evolving and important shortly. This is because of the need for different kinds of software to automate various human tasks to achieve more efficiency and accuracy.

According to Statista, in 2019, there were approximately 26.4 million software developers across the world, and that number is expected to reach 27.7 million by the year 2023. With constant growth and transformation in the industry, several new trends are developing and top software development companies are adopting the trends at a fast pace.

Let us now take a look at the top software development trends of 2021.

Top Trends of Software Development in 2021

There has been a massive increase in the volume of enterprise data and automation of business processes across several industries all around the globe. This transition has occurred quickly, needing the software development industry to quickly adapt to the changes to meet the demands.

Listed below are the most popular trends of software development that have the potential to transform the industry and take steps forward shortly. Any professional working in software development or businesses looking to implement software for operations must check them out!

1. Native App Development

Native app development has become a thing across several major industries, including banking, fintech, multimedia product and other industries. This type of app development is essential for businesses that need seamless performance on mobile devices, reliability, and advanced security. Native app development is preferred for a superior user experience and outstanding performance.

2. IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the revolutionary trends impacting several fields, including software development. It has immense potential and is undoubtedly not losing relevance anytime soon.

IoT devices are not the only thing where the technology is used. IoT combined with AI, and big data has huge potential and continues to be a top trend in software development and many other industries. According to a Bain and Co. report of 2018, the market for IoT hardware, software, systems integration, and data and telecom services is expected to reach a value of $520 billion in 2021.

3. Big Data

Data is the most crucial thing in modern technology. Big data computation has huge applications in software development and is likely to bring significant changes. Combining the two fields and businesses can derive highly desirable results from social media data to documents and text analysis, clickstream media, and a range of other areas.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has applications in almost every technological industry that appears to be future-proof. With the technology becoming more powerful, affordable and popular, it offers a variety of features in the field of software development which includes deep learning, speech processing, machine learning, and a lot more that can be used in a variety of industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, education and entertainment.

5. Low-Code Development

One of the latest trends ruling the field of software development is low code development. With low code development, the need for dedicated teams of software engineers, architects and huge resources is not necessary to build a specific digital solution.

Low-code development effectively simplifies complex programming languages and enables access to more effective and more straightforward coding for specialists. This is another trend that can revolutionize the software market, reduce manual work, and offer more value for both money and time.

6. Hybrid and Cross-Platform Development

In modern times where the target audience of businesses is available across multiple platforms, cross-platform development is an important trend across several major industries and for various companies across the globe.

This development trend is an excellent time-saver and facilitator. Developers know that the joint back-end code base for mobile platforms could compromise functionality and delay turnaround time. Back-end code shareability features that come with native rendering engines like in cross-platform development helps build more functional apps within a reasonable timescale and financial investment.

Final Words

Summing it up, the trends mentioned above are the top trends in the software development industry and are likely to change the face of the sector in the forthcoming future. With more and more businesses adopting software into their workflow, it becomes essential for developers and other companies to watch out for these trends.

We live in times of technology, and in 2021, these software development trends are a must for maximum efficiency and productivity.

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