Top Specification of Microbiological Incubators

 Microbiological Incubators are designed as heating elements are also known as “heat –only” and starts process of incubating temperature. Incubation temperature is above atmosphere temperature. It means if a laboratory has a normal temperature of 22 degree Celsius then incubation temperature will be around 27 or 30 degree Celsius.

  1. Heratherm Incubators are planned to having good temperature consistency and maintain sample cohesion. Mostly biological illustrative are often unparalleled but Heratherm Microbiological Incubators are place able and are designed in four models in which you will get three incubator airflow technologies with six sizes.

2. CO2 Laboratory Incubator (MCO-170AIC-PE) is an air jacketed, copper; UV having capacity of 165 l. temperature range is 5 degrees to 50 degree Celsius. It creates successful cell cultures which gives very good quality in performance and gives more cell culture production and gives favorable results and is reliable too. They have created their incubators with organized manner by keeping in mind all the essential requirements. It is a user friendly incubator with fast process. PHCB helps you to make your work easy and fast.

3. Microbiological Laboratory Incubator/BenchTop B28 is a hydro mechanical thermostat having inner door made of safety glasses and having 2- chrome plated racks. Temperature range is from 30 degrees to 70 degree Celsius.

4. Natural Convection laboratory Incubator/Microbiological/Bench-Top (BD 115) is a natural convection with LCD display controller having inner door made of safety glasses with 2 chrome plated racks fused temperature safety device having visual alarms in it. Capacity is 112 l and temperature range is maximum 100 degree Celsius and minimum 5 degree Celsius.USB port is also given for data recording.

5. CO2 LABORATORY INCUBATOR (MCO-230AIC-PE) is a high capacity of 230 l with air jacketed copper, UV with minimum temperature of 5 degree Celsius to 50 degree Celsius. It is having full colored LCD touch screen which can be control if someone is wearing gloves and having easy transfer data system in USB port. It improves insulation features and also helps in cutting cost. Having direct heat and air jacket system it produces highest levels of accuracy and security.

6. NATURAL CONVECTION LABORATORY INCUBATOR/Floor Standing (BD 720) is a natural convection having capacity of 737 l. Inner door made of safety glass and 2 chrome- plated racks are there. Temperature varies from 5 degree Celsius to 100 degree Celsius. It is LCD display controller with visual alarm.BD 720 is an ergonomic handle design with USB port for data recording.

7. FORCED AIR LABORATORY INCUBATOR (IPS 260) having a capacity of 256 ltr with minimum temperature of 14 degree Celsius to maximum temperature of 45 degree Celsius. It is cool storage used for the storage of microbiology, food, cosmetics, etc.

8. FORCED CONVECTION LABORATORY  INCUBATOR (IPP 30) having capacity of 32 l with minimum temperature of 0 degree Celsius to maximum 70 degree Celsius. It is with one system having heating and cooling property both and also compared to other compressor technology it decrease the additional costs up to 90 percent. It is an energy saving equipment with heating /cooling property and also environment friendly too.