Top Ten RV Parks In California


California is home to some of the most beautiful state parks and beaches in the United States. No matter where you are, you are bound to experience breathtaking landscapes that never cease to amaze.

Scattered throughout are california rv rentals, as well as RV parks and campsites, making the golden state a perfect destination for a road trip. In this article, we will be going through the top ten best-rated RV parks in California.

1. Redwood National Park

Experience some of the largest redwoods on the planet only at the Redwood National Park. These trees stand at a breathtaking height of up to 300 feet and stand protected by UNESCO as this region has been deemed a historical site. 

Numerous campgrounds are scattered within the national park itself, but we suggest you park your RVs outside the park and drive in to explore during the day. The park’s campsites have length restrictions and some don’t even allow trailers or RVs in.

The Elk Country RV Resort and Campground that is located right outside the park is a much better option. It is a mere 30-minute drive away from the park and the sites are large enough for even the biggest of RVs. You even get the chance to see some wild elks roaming around whilst there.

However, cell service and wifi may be a problem at this RV park as mentioned by some patrons. Do take note that the showers here aren’t free unlike most RV parks in the state.

2. Anaheim RV Park

The Anaheim RV Park stands to be one of the best RV parks within the Disneyland area, making it perfect for families on a road trip who plan to stop by the famous amusement park. Shuttle buses are available every 20 to 30 minutes to and fro Disneyland. Beach lovers not to worry, Huntington Beach is located nearby and surfers can enjoy the waters there as well.

Due to its close proximity to Disneyland, a night here can be quite pricey depending on the spot you choose. The park itself isn’t fenced as well if safety is a concern of yours.

3. Yosemite RV Resort

A great hub for outdoor lovers, the Yosemite RV Resort sits right next to the Yosemite National Park. It is a mere 30-minute drive away from the entrance and has a variety of camping ground types. Amenities here are plenty enough to make your stay comfortable and there is ample space for even the largest of RVs. Certain areas however are not paved and hence can get pretty dusty when the wind picks up.

4. June Lake RV Campground

June lake is one of the most underrated and beautiful lakes in California. Lucky for you, there is a campground nearby that is a stone’s throw away. The June Lake RV Campground is located in the town of June and is located not far from the Yosemite National Park if you plan to head there as well.

The campground stands at the heart of many hiking trails, two of which will lead you to the lake. Ample wildlife and magnificent trees surround the area. Restaurants in the town are nearby as well for those of you who want a break from the wilderness.

The campground only accepts cash or cheque so do make a deposit beforehand if you wish to reserve a spot. The tight spaces here also mean that certain RVs may not be able to fit in the camp, and it may be better to park at the nearby Yosemite RV Park.

5. Marina Dunes RV Park

This RV park located on a dune is a walking distance away from the undeveloped beachfront nearby. Don’t be mistaken, this RV park is still considered to be a luxurious one, with numerous amenities such as a clubhouse, fitness center, and even a playground area. 

It does however come with a hefty price tag, although the facilities do make up for it. Take note that the park itself is located close to the highway which may be a nuisance to some.

6. Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park Campground

The Big Sur is the place to be if you want to enjoy nature to its fullest. There simply is no shortage of beauty to explore here. The campground itself is highly accessible by the many trails leading to it from various scenic locations.

True to the off-the-grid experience, there is no electricity available at the campsite so a generator is a must. Secure your spot early as spaces tend to fill up quickly, especially during the summertime.

7. Crystal Cove State Park: El Moro Canyon Campground

Located within view of the beach, Crystal Cove State Park is the perfect place for beach and water sports activities. There are plenty of hiking trails accessible from the park as well, giving you opportunities to catch the sunset from various locations. The beachfront itself isn’t shaded very well so bring along a shaded pop-up canopy if you own one.

8. Sequoia RV Ranch

Located nearby the Sequoia National Forest, plenty of campsite options are available on the ranch such as riverside sides, premium pull-ins, and even more economic options. The campsites come furnished with all sorts of amenities as well.

The riverside patrons may be disappointed in the late summer as the river may be dried up for the season by then. Furthermore, cell service is not available within this region, which may be a cause of nuisance for some.

9. Manchester Beach KOA

This campsite is perfect for families and couples, with a wide array of fun activities available here. Bocce courts, disco golf courses, and hayrides are some of the many activities available all year round. The one activity that you can’t miss, however, is the late-night gatherings around the huge community campfire.

10. Durango RV Resort

A stone’s throw away from the town of Durango, this resort provides a good mix of outdoor adventure and city life. You can take a walk through the nearby national parks and even go fishing in the Sacramento River, or you can head into town and visit the Farmer’s Market and wineries. If you rather not rough it out in the outdoors, Durango is the perfect place for you.


Plenty of other amazing campsites are available all throughout California, each with its own atmosphere and activities to try out. When it comes to California, no one trip is the same, so enjoy each one to the fullest.