Top Usages of Applicant Tracking Systems

Are you finding it difficult to hire the best people for specific roles in your company? Many organizations are discovering the convenience and efficiency of using the applicant tracking system (ATS). It is an efficient tool used during the recruitment process. The system also helps many organizations filter applications based on specific hiring requirements.  

Many ATS market reports show that remote recruiting is a growing trend among many companies now. Companies using the ATS system usually attract the most competent and experienced professionals from the labor market. The system automatically identifies top-tier skills and streamlines the entire recruitment process. Even if you have an excellent recruitment team, they can’t match up to the efficiency of an applicant tracking system.

Every human resource manager knows that hiring can be cumbersome and mentally exhausting. That is why delegating the hiring process to an ATS can be the best thing for your company. Apart from saving time, the system simplifies the entire process and allows the recruitment team to approach the best available talent.

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Here are the top uses of an applicant tracking system and why you need this software for your business.

Scans Keywords in a Resume 

The applicant tracking systems have an in-built AI algorithm that copies human thoughts. It is designed to scan specific keywords in a resume, as a human recruiter would. The software is faster and more efficient since it has more advanced productivity than that of humans. Besides, it has fewer error margins, making the process more accurate.

Once you get the applicant resumes, you can run them through the ATS software. It will immediately scan the keywords relevant to the position you are recruiting for. 

For example, if you are recruiting a Graphic Designer, the system will pick out the resumes with the keyword “Graphic Designer.” Some tech companies even use browser extensions that can scan LinkedIn profiles. This allows recruiters to know more about the applicants.  

Identifies Relevant Candidates 

Another essential usage of an ATS is sourcing the best candidates for the job. It is an efficient hiring tool that jumpstarts the recruitment process effectively. So, you must draft the job description and include the right keywords for the system to draw out the relevant applicants. 

Moreover, the applicant tracking system has several filters depending on the job position. They help recruiters to drop applicants who don’t fit the role. Usually, the filters come in the form of short, multiple-choice questions related to the position you are applying for. The system will automatically eliminate the applicant who doesn’t answer the questions. Those candidates who answer move ahead to the next recruitment phase. 

Filters Resumes 

Once the ATS system has identified suitable applicants, it will start filtering the resumes. It scans and pulls out relevant data from the CV to help recruiters during the selection process. The recruiters use those facts and details to hand-pick a shorter list of candidates for further consideration. 

Most systems can scan specific keywords that the recruiters need to sort specific qualifications and skill sets. The filters allow recruiters to identify the right candidate with the required qualifications. 

This scanning feature is vital during the short listing of candidates who will be invited for job interviews.

Tracks Applicants

Apart from sorting the required resumes and selecting the potential candidates, the ATS will also help you track the applicants at each hiring phase. 

The system organizes the applications, and you can know whether there is a new applicant. It will also alert you on the applicant’s stage to help you know who is still in the process and the ones that have been eliminated. 

Fortunately, the ATS can retain the candidates in the database who might fit future roles in the company.

Provides Onboarding Assistance

After getting the best applicant for the job, the system will help you through the onboarding process. It allows HR to transfer the relevant data from the resumes and applications to the employee file. This eliminates errors and double entries, simplifying the work of HR managers. 

Moreover, the ATS allows seamless integration of the new employees into the company. They can proceed with training instead of wasting time on paperwork. 

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Now that you understand applicant tracking systems’ usage, let us explore some benefits to companies.

Time Savings

If you choose to use an ATS, you will save time posting jobs and submitting resumes. The automated system does the work of scanning and importing relevant data to your recruitment software. It eliminates the manual work of perusing CVs to find potential applicants. Besides, the system helps the recruiters to deal with only qualified candidates from the start of the process.

Efficient Hiring Process 

You can easily manage and organize candidates’ data using an ATS. It is efficient and allows the recruiters easy access to timely data. You can easily search for the talent pool you need by using specific filters such as level of education, location, or skill set. It allows the recruitment team to make accurate decisions and hire the right people. 

Collaborative Recruitment 

The decision to recruit new employees requires collaborative efforts from the recruitment team. The ATS simplifies the process with advanced features that enhance communication. It helps the team to provide adequate feedback for proper hiring decisions. So, it also increases team productivity because of fast decision-making. 

Quality Screening

The ATS is an automated software that identifies and screens candidates thoroughly at the initial hiring stage. Thus, ensuring only qualified applicants go to the next phase. This feature allows the team to attract and retain only the skilled and seasoned professionals in the market. So, companies using the ATS have a better chance of getting the perfect candidates for advertised jobs.


Applicant tracking systems are an essential recruitment tool used by many companies globally. The ATS will sort out the entire recruitment process if you want to hire the right people for your company. Moreover, it reduces the hiring workload and enhances the process through automated features. So, we recommend considering the use of ATS to customize the system to suit your business and the hiring positions, getting impressive results pretty quickly.