Top Vital Nutrition Foods to Sate Your Hunger

What’s the Major Goal in Your Life?

Money or travelling?

Healthy lifestyle or junk food?

Obviously, without a doubt in mind, a healthy lifestyle is what you need to earn more and well to travel as well. everything is co-related to each other based on how you eat.

How so?

Well, if you get the right food in your system at the right time, it ought to benefit you in the long run. According to research, it has been proved over several times, how eating healthy foods can retain your body shape and shed weight as well. these days’ people care more for keto than they do for a fizzy drink.

But how did people use to remain fit in past times? There was no trend of going on a keto diet but they did something to remain fit and healthy, right?

I remember it clearly when I first performed Umrah and the meals that I consumed were pretty simple. Being on the holy grounds makes you learn to live a simple way of life once again including your eating habits and I did lose some extra weight I had gained from eating brownies last month!

What are the Best Foods to Consume?

There’s a long list to choose from what to consume regularly. Each organic substance consumed leaves traces in your body, adding the nutritional value to your digestive system.


These are sweet and easy to get to from any market and they also come in large varieties as well. the best portion of the meal that I had during my Umrah journey was consuming dates in the morning. It’s truly beneficial as they are cholesterol-free and low in fat but they are rich in vitamin A and B-6. Also, they show vitality for dietary fibres as well that helps indigestion. 

Walking on foot for the entire day is pretty tiring, going from one ritual to another during Umrah, it sufficed me with enough energy. Doctors suggest that consuming at least 2 days in the morning regularly is provides enough energy to the body for the day.


Rich in protein, iron, zinc and other nutritional value, meat should be part of your meal. One meal per day consisting of smaller meat portions is a pretty healthy way to consume it. Medically it has been proved several times, what type of meat to consume, for each part of meat has its benefit to your body.

One thing I also noticed during my meal session (while on Umrah journey) was that Arabs are meat lovers. They loved to have an excuse to add lamb meat on most occasions and assort it with vegetables and boiled rice as sideline dishes. Lamb meat can make you feel stuffed (if you are not used to eating it) so you can taste smaller portions of it or you can go easy on consuming meat by taking a chicken breast, fish fillet that is high in protein and low in calorie intake.


I like to think of grapes as a natural recycle bin for our body toxins. As you can see, I’m indeed fond of grapes they are easy to eat (no cutting or peeling required) and the intriguing part is that it purifies the blood, maintains a healthy dose of the sugar level, strengthen the kidneys and clear the bowels from toxins as well.

Arabs are also fond of many types of fruit, grapes in particular, besides dates, several varieties of grapes are available (seedless and seedful) and you can choose whatever taste you find more daring to try. Although I went for table grapes, they are round and juicy with think skin and a beautiful shade of green. Consuming a half cup of grapes (16 grapes) is a healthy way of consuming it with other foods as a snack.


Surprisingly, I found healthy organic honey being sold in the Arabian souk, for a steep price, but worth the taste. Honey found in stores is a process, so taste, texture and colour tend to vary (that’s how I knew about the difference in honey).

Just remember, honey is the best cure for stomach diseases. Even if you want to lose weight, mixing honey in lukewarm water is beneficial to consume on an empty stomach. Not only this but it’s also used as meat preserves, is a good nutrition based hair conditioner for your hair and a teaspoon of mouthwash goodness as well.

Travelling via an Umrah packages in winter proved to be beneficial for me in aspects of learning about various health benefits from only the basic ingredients available in an everyday retail store. 


The more basic ingredient you consume daily; the healthier results you can gain with passage of time. Using basic and more organic food will work slowly but effectively to lead a better healthy eating lifestyle. Go green and healthy in eating habits!