Troubleshooting Problems with Your Outboard Motor

Many boat enthusiasts still prefer outboard motors for their boats, for reasons such as the power to weight efficiency, ease of maintenance, and taking up no internal space of the vessel. There are some common problems that these engines can experience, so here is a short garden guide on some of the most common issues, and what you can do about them.

Fuel Problems

Problems with the fuel getting to the engine are one of the most common issues that outboard motor owners face.However, before you take it to yourMercury outboard dealers or to outboard motors Southampton providers for repair, there are some things that you can check first. Look for signs of water getting into the fuel tank and also check that the fuel is fresh and not old and stale. You can also check for a kinked fuel hose and faulty connectors that could also cause a problem. Another place to check where problems commonly occur is the primer bulb and make sure that it is not broken.

Electrical Problems

Having problems with the electrics of a boat can be harder to diagnose correctly, but there are still some simple things to check first before calling in the experts to fix your engine. If the engine has been idle for some time, you will want to ensure that the batteries have a charge which can stop the engine from turning over. You will also want to ensure that the cables are connected correctly, and the lanyard is installed, which with some engines can also stop them from turning over. You will also want to check the fuse box and make sure that none of the fuses has blown. As you are checking the engine over, keep an eye out for any loose cables or wires and make sure that all the connections are in place correctly.

Other Common Problems

If your motor is hard to start, especially when it is cold, you may have problems with the ignition coil which is something that you will want to check. The spark plugs are also something that you will want to check and it is a simple task to replace them if needed, depending on the made and model of your outboard motor. Overheating is another common problem as is a lack of power and engine vibrations.

Call In The Experts

If it turns out that you are in well over your head, do not be afraid to call in the experts to get your engine going for you. An experienced and qualified marine engineer will be able to identify the fault and fix the problem much easier than you will, and they can also check for other potential problems, catching them before they arise. One of the appeals of a quality outboard motor is that they need less servicing and maintenance than other marine engines. That being said, it does not mean that they never need to be serviced, so you should ensure that you take your engine to be professionally serviced and repaired by marine engineers as recommended by the manufacturer. If you take care of your engine carefully and service it regularly, you can keep it running in top condition for many years to come.

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