Vaping for Beginners: The Complete Guide


If you’ve ever considered vaping, we’ve compiled a go-to source for every step of the process.

Vaping has exponentially grown in popularity over the recent years and is considered to be a healthier alternative to cigarettes. For those who are new to this vaping phenomenon and want to know a bit more about the history behind vaping, you should definitely continue reading below. If you are currently a cigarette smoker and are thinking of transitioning to vaping, then this article will be extremely useful in providing all the information you need in this transitioning process. Additionally, if you’re curious about the cost of vapes, check out ‘elf bar price’ to find out more information about prices as well as the different varieties of vapes! With that, let us get on with this article.

Basics of Vaping

Vaping comprises 2 main components, the e-liquid as well as the vape device. This e-liquid contains vapour that may or may not contain nicotine, depending on your preference. On the other hand, vape devices also come in their own shapes and sizes, and can also take different forms. Every device has its own heating element, which will heat up the e-liquid and produce the vapour which you will see when you inhale.

How to Vape

To get started with vaping, you need to first purchase the device. There are disposable devices available if you are just starting out, but for those who want to purchase the proper devices, you can also find starter kits on various websites.

Once you get your device, you should follow the instructions from the company, as each device may work differently. However, a tip is to not hold the button of the vape device down when you are not inhaling.

There are 2 methods used when vaping, known as mouth to lung (MTL), or direct to lung (DTL). For those with experience with smoking cigarettes in the past, you will likely be more comfortable with mouth to lungs. This occurs when you suck in the vape into your mouth and inhale it into your lungs after. This is the common method when smoking cigarettes due to the little airflow that cigarettes permit. 

Another more popular method that is associated with vaping is direct to lung. The reason why it is a more popular option is that it is known to be less harsh on the person. How direct to lung works is by inhaling the vapour directly into your lungs, and not inhaling through your mouth.

Is Vaping Safe?

There is a lot of buzz on the internet regarding the health benefits of vaping as compared to cigarette smoking, and while the best choice would be to do neither, there has been actual research to show that vaping is a much healthier alternative as compared to cigarette smoking. Hence, from a health perspective, it is recommended that you switch from cigarettes to vaping,

The EU and the UK are very strict when it comes to the laws in relation to the ingredients that are contained in the products that contain tobacco. Some ingredients that are known to be harmful and toxic have already been banned.

Vaping Equipment

Starter Kits

The easiest way to get started with vaping would be to purchase a starter kit, as it will contain all the components that you would need to get started with vaping.


What are mods? Usually, as you gain more experience with handling vaping and want to start curating your experience more, you will start to explore more about mods. They are typically a wider and more broad form of a starter kit, have a higher amount of power, requires less amount of charging, and also produces bigger and more powerful vapour clouds. Some mods allow you to buy separate batteries and tanks, increasing the amount of customizability that you have.


Pods are another form of device that has become increasingly popular recently. They are a smaller version of the average starter kits and are quite handy if you are looking for something small to carry around. Pods also have 2 different systems that you can choose from, one is closed and the other, open. Open systems are those that will require you to purchase and fill your own e-liquid, while closed systems come with pods that are already filled, and these pods are disposable. This means, after you are done using all the liquid, you can simply throw it away.


Lastly, we have disposables which offer devices that can be thrown away right after use, or even rechargeable devices. These devices will regulate the amount of power and vapour produced for you, so there is no hassle at all when it comes to using them.

Selecting the Right E-Liquid for Your Taste

So, you have chosen your device, so what is next? After picking your desired vaping device, it is time to pick out the flavour and the concentration of nicotine you want in your e-liquid. The flavour choices for e-liquid are extremely expansive, and you might get overwhelmed! Not to worry, we have narrowed down the few things you should take note of when selecting the right e-liquid for you.

What is e-liquid made of?

Before we choose the e-liquid, it is also important to note down the various ingredients that are contained in the e-liquid. The 4 key ingredients in any e-liquid are vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavouring and nicotine. Vegetable glycerine is typically used in many foods as well as pharmaceutical items. Do not confuse vegetable glycerine for vegetable oil! Propylene on the other hand is found in almost everything, from medical drugs to even soft drinks.

How much nicotine?

Next, how do you determine the amount of nicotine you want in your e-liquid? For those who have recently transitioned over from smoking cigarettes, you may want to gauge your previous smoking habits. A good level to springboard off from would be 6mg/ml.


There you go, here are the various things to consider if you are thinking of starting your vaping journey. Remember to stay safe!