Western Style Decoration Ideas for an Iconic Home

Home décor trends come and go, but the one style always appreciated is Western Style. The Western style is famous for its wide-open spaces, natural materials, bold colors, rich textures, ethnic patterns, and rustic charm

Those who have never seen western decor before can find it a bit intimidating. But western-style interior designs can give an incredibly stylish look to your home. 

If you want to cozy up your iconic home using some western-style designs, consider the following ideas:

Use an Accent Wall

If you are decorating a home using the western theme, you need not make changes to the whole room. You can simply focus on an accent wall to accentuate your space. Choose a wall behind the couch or above the sofa to hang western wall art pieces.

You can hang a large western-style wall painting or small western art pieces in a group to enhance the accent wall. Cowboy, moose, bear, pine trees, lakes, cattle, and rivers are some thematic pieces that represent western art.

Try to flank the larger art piece with smaller art pieces. Choose the art pieces to accentuate the larger wall art. Ensure that the small piece’s size is the same and they are smaller than the bigger art piece.

Rich Color Palettes

Western color palettes are inspired by Native American Style using different warm colors such as white, silver, or black. In the west, these colors symbolize power.

Use a color palette full of vibrant and warm hues that can cozy up your atmosphere. The colors that give a western feel includedeep browns, a bunch of sandy, some greens, sky blues, and bright reds.

Considering this color palette, decorate with natural materials including genuine leather, wood, stone, and wrought iron.Try not to stick to one material, since the western theme connects more to the colors other than materials.

Bulky Furniture

Western-style furniture manages to be large as well as bulky and its design is simple but stylish. For example, Plush Recliners or armchairs. Plush recliners and armchairs are usually plain and simple in design but take way more space.

They are very comfortable as it is easy to lean back on them. When it comes to boosting the overall style of a room, it gives the room a stylish and cozy look.

Use a lot of Wood

Wood is a traditional element to grace western style home décor. Wooden accents in your room make it look cozy as well as rustic. A room full of wood will look darker, so try to place accent pieces to make the room stylish.

For a western theme to work, add wooden floors, wood doors, cabinets, and a lot of wooden furniture. To add more effects, place a cozy cowhide rug in front of a fireplace. It alone will work well without getting overwhelming.

Final Words

Everyone loves the patterns and colors as they add fun and style to your décor. So, a western theme is one of the best options. Whether you plan to put some pieces of western décor or have a complete revamp, the above-mentioned ideas are best to implement.