What are some of the must-have dart accessories for advanced users?

If you are pretty good at bar games, chances are you’ve tried your luck at trying to hit a bullseye from across the floor. If you have been successful, you know that the tools have to be high-level to get a perfect throw! Just like anything in life, especially sports, your equipment has to be top-notch so you can perform at your best.

Top darts accessories for advanced users!

If you are an advanced dart thrower, you know that accessories are key to success. Let’s go over some of the most important accessories that you absolutely need to get the perfect throw and hit the bullseye.


The first thing you need to have to be a successful dart player are o-rings. O-rings are small rubber rings that are used above the threads and below the shaft of the dart. When the shaft is tightened by screwing it into the lower barrel of the dart, the o-rings are the part that forms the seal and hold together the separate components of the dart. Without this part, the dart would come apart in your hand or while in the air. By eliminating any wobbling movement or separating of the pieces, this o-ring helps keep your dart in one piece. O-rings are some of the most crucial dart accessories to avoid over-tightening the dart shaft and reducing vibration. 

Dart shafts

Dart shafts are a part of the dart itself that allows you to hold the dart with your fingers. Long dart shafts help move the center of gravity towards the back to help the dart fly differently, while shorter shafts move the center of gravity towards the front. You need to know which type to buy so you can make the perfect throw. 

Dart extractors

Dart extractors are a handy tool that can help you remove broken plastic shafts from the dart barrels. In addition, the dart extractor tool can help you remove broken points from soft tip darts so that you can reuse the items again.

Dart wrenches

Dart wrenches are a tool that can help you tighten the shafts of the dart. This tool helps tighten shafts, straighten out the angle of the shaft, and open the shaft prongs so you can insert thicker flights to the barrel.

Dart tip remover

The dart tip remover is the final component when it comes to buying the best dart accessories for your game. The dart tip remover helps remove broken tips from the dartboard by pushing the tool down onto the broken tip and removing the pieces.


As you can see, to be a successful dart player, you need to purchase the right dart accessories to level up your game. Without the right tools, you might burn through the darts too quickly and lose money in the long run. Using the dart accessories ensures you can continue using high-quality darts and shafts for as long as possible.