What are Tactical Flashlights and how it works?

Tactical flashlights are most often described as military flashlights. You should think of a special group of flashlights. The point is not that a certain group of people uses it, soldiers, but they are used by almost everyone and a is a part of home tools. Here we have some points which you must consider before buying a tactical flashlight.

How do you recognize a tactical flashlight?

A tactical flashlight, also called a police flashlight, is distinguished from other flashlights by a number of special features and applications:

  • Because tactical flashlights are used in the toughest conditions, they have to be tough. A high watertightness is then desirable, just like an extremely strong construction. The consequence? Your flashlight can handle rain showers and sometimes complete immersion. They can also withstand shocks and other external influences. You can even use some flashlights as a glass breaker.
  • Most tactical flashlights can emit a bright and focused beam of light. However, they often also have a number of other positions. A strobe function can blind attackers or suspects and an SOS function can send an emergency signal.
  • With tactical flashlights it is no exception when the light beam can shine hundreds of meters away. The light beams are therefore regularly brighter than 1,000 lumens.
  • Normal rod flashlights often have a reflector that is wider than the body of the rod lamp. With the tactical flashlight, both are usually the same width or the reflector is a lot narrower, which makes them suitable for use in combination with a weapon or other tool.
  • Other extras. In addition to the above functionalities, some lamps have various extras, such as a beam with UV light or infrared light. Other extras, such as a holster, fastening clips or fastening rings increase the ease of use.
  • As you can see, tactical flashlights offer great value for money. It is not without reason that they have been used for years by security services, rescue workers and of course outdoor enthusiasts.

Tactical flashlights with infrared light or UV light

Some tactical flashlights are used for special applications that require infrared light or UV light. You can think of:

  • View in the dark without being seen. With the help of infrared light and a night vision device or residual light amplifier you can see in the dark, without even a single light beam being visible. The human eye cannot perceive infrared light, but night vision goggles can.
  • Detection of body (fluid) substances. Certain body (fluid) substances can be made visible with the help of UV light. This is often used in investigative work.
  • Checking watermarks and other security features. Many watermarks and security features are invisible, but fluoresce when UV light hits them. This makes it possible to check whether banknotes, passports and other items are genuine.
  • When tactical flashlights are equipped with additional functions such as UV light or infrared light, the functionality is increased. The flashlight is then much more than just a robust and reliable light source and therefore offers something extra compared to the normal tactical flashlight.