What are the world’s well-known sock brands?

There are a lot of colorful and bright styles now very popular in the world.

1. FALKE, a German family brand with more than 100 years of history, is currently the largest wool socks manufacturers in Europe, with annual sales of nearly 200 million euros. (Can sell socks reach 200 million euros?) The earliest production of men’s socks was the first. In the 1980s, it cooperated with ARMANI, BOSS, KENZO and other brands. It began to produce women’s stockings in 1959. Currently, stockings are among several top brands. FALKE’s price is not the most expensive among the top brands, it is relatively affordable.

FALKE’s stockings do not know the feeling, personally think that FALKE is still the best to do wool socks suppliers and cotton socks. Moreover, it is divided into two designs with different shapes of left and right feet, and it is also divided into sizes. Not only is it more fit than the general socks with left and right feet, but the “L” and “R” logos embroidered on it are very cute.

Falke’s stealth boat socks are very good and thin. Although barefoot shoes are very comfortable and fashionable, if you have sweaty feet, you have to wear socks. Although the quality of Falke is very good, but the color is a bit less, I usually choose the following British brands for bright colors.

By the way, although Falke is not expensive in top brands, the most expensive male socks in history are indeed produced by FALKE. The raw material is made of a rare alpaca wool protected by law in Peru. It costs £726. Limited to 10 pairs.

2. Pantherella is the top professional socks brand in the UK. It is typically made in the UK. Contrary to FALKE, Pantherella started with the production of women’s socks. It started producing socks for men in 1930 and achieved success. The quality of Pantherella and Falke are very good. Due to the German personality, Falke’s socks are less fancy and more rigorous and old-fashioned. Pantherella is famous for its fantasy patterns and colors. The top cotton socks use island wool socks are mainly used Merino Wool (Merino Wool).

Each pair of PANTHERELLA socks are made in Leicester, UK, and its iconic Hand Linked Toe manufacturing method brings great comfort. It is said that wearing Pantherella socks is as honorable as taking a private jet.

3. GALLO, I’m not very familiar with GALLO. I haven’t tried it. I only know that it is Italian. It has a history of 150 years. It is famous for its brightly colored socks. It is very beautiful and meets the Italian personality.

4. Gammarelli (Gamarelli), this is an Italian family business, specializing in serving the Pope. He has sewed clothes for the Pope since 1798. The store location is of course located in Rome, Italy, and has been the sixth generation so far. For more than 200 years, he has served tens of thousands of priests, hundreds of bishops, cardinals and popes, including the holy Pius VI, John XXIII, Paul VI, and John Paul II.

Due to the extraordinary influence of the Pope, although Gammarelli mainly produces priestly vests, socks can still be worn by ordinary people, so Gammarelli’s socks have become the object of fashion tasters. In fact, Gammarelli’s knee-high stockings did very well. (Of course, what can I do well for the pope)

5. Corgi

There are famous short-legged Corgi dogs in Wales, and Corgi Socks. Corgi was founded quite early, and it was established in 1892. It is still a family business after four generations. In 1989, it was authorized by Prince Charles (the Prince of Wales) as Royal warrants.

The best Corgi made is pure cashmere socks. It is estimated that the place in Wales is too cold. The pattern of Corgi socks is also very beautiful. Especially the heels, toes and soles distinguish Kay’s color block or striped cotton socks. It is currently special in Europe. It is very popular in Britain to wear Corgi’s bright striped socks.

Merino wool socks

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Which merino wool socks brands are worth recommending?

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Which merino wool socks brands are worth recommending?

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