What is Electronic Leak Detection?

At some point in time, you must have come across the term electronic leak detection and must be wondering what exactly it means. You may also wonder how it can benefit you in ways. 

The houses today are designed on concrete slabs that make it a little difficult for early leak detection. If there is a fluctuation in the water usage or an increase in usage, then there are potential chances that there may be a leak under the slab. And the worst part, you may not be aware of it. This is why it becomes vital to contact the experts of electronic leak detection services Greenville, SC regularly so that the leak is fixed in its initial stages. 

The water leak creates noises that are difficult to hear with our naked ears. The leaks have varied sound frequencies depending on their leakage types. It is determined by the pressure degree in the pipes. The best way, these leaks can be detected easily is with the aid of an electronic leak detector. They can pick up the frequencies easily, making it easy to detect the type and place. 

Not anyone can use the detector, as it requires a professional who is trained and learned to understand the plumbing acoustics and can identify the sounds easily. The leak detector can easily find the leaks in drains, steam pipes, water systems, toilets, and pipes that carry other liquids like oil. 

The electronic leak detector comes with a transducer that is sensitive to the sound types coming from the pipe system. When the machine registers the sound, it is transferred to the security system at a high frequency. It will then be taken over by the professional, where he will access all the past information about the leakage and track it with the help of line tracing equipment, camera inspection and use static pressure testing to find the leak in its exact place. 

Never take any leaks lightly as they can create havoc in the plumbing system. It can also crack the slabs and cause flooding damage. Therefore, to make sure you do not face any unfavoured situations, contact Ace Plumbing for a complete leak detection service. 

Electronic Leak Detection Comes with Many Benefits

Nothing can be more frightening than witnessing leakage from ceilings and walls. You would want to fix the problem at the earliest. But who would you turn to help? This calls for the best and trained professionals of electronic leak detection repair Greenville, SC. These professionals will minimize the damage and also ensure keeping the utility cost as low as possible. 

The trained plumbers use different leak detection equipment depending on the location. The leakage can be in the sewer system or in-line pipe. Electronic leak detection is one of the best equipment as it will help the homeowner save money and time. You will no longer have to break down the walls or dig under the yard or cement slabs to detect the leak. The electronic devices are accurate, helping the plumbers fix the job in the shortest time possible.

The video camera of the electronic leak detection helps to provide a visual view that gives an insight into the pipes. This will give the plumbers a clear picture of the damage, breakage, or blockage in the pipes. Other devices that help in leak detection are hydrostatic pressure tests that aids in determine the leaks by fixing n inflatable ball. The line is then filled with water. If there is a movement in the ball, then it signals a leak. Electronic listening devices allow the trained plumbers to hear the sounds from the water pipes that signal a leak. 

The leaks can be caused by many reasons like old and broken lines, during the renovation of the house and many more. It can also be because of clogging that causes the water to come up the pipe, causing the leak. Therefore, whenever you notice leaks, do not ignore the issue or seal off with DIY ideas. Get in touch with the trained professionals and get it fixed right and immediately. If left, it will definitely give rise to other major issues and repairs.