What Is The Difference Between A Scrum Master And A Project Manager?

The roles of scrum master and the project manager are quite distinct as well as a separate. The scrum certification very well helps to indicate that the roles of scrum master and the project manager are different. For all those people who are new to this concept these roles appear identical to them. It is very much important to recognize the difference between both so that one can have an idea about the tasks which may overlap and how they complement each other in the goal achievement process.

 Following are some of the differences between both of them:

 -The scrum master can be referred to as a facilitator or a coach whereas the project manager will help in achieving the goals associated with the project in the specific timeline and least consumption of the resources.

 -The scrum manager will help to ensure that the whole team of scrum is a success, on the other hand, the project manager sometimes has to handle multiple projects in an organization and make sure all of them are a success so that business needs can be met efficiently. As a general rule, this means that scrum master has to focus only on a single project team specifically and the project manager has to focus on multiple teams at the same time.

 -The project manager also has to manage the whole budget whereas, on the other hand, the scrum master has to serve the team whenever he or she is required.

 -The project manager has to report to different business leaders and authorities regarding the progress of his projects whereas the scrum master has to remove all the hindrances from the progress of the project.

 -The project manager can focus on the process and the scrum master has to monitor the progress of the whole sprint.

 -The project manager has the responsibility to allocate different tasks to people whereas the scrum master has to estimate the team velocity and increase it with the help of proper and continuous communication.

 -The project manager has to prioritize various features, but the scrum master has to facilitate the scrum meetings and sprint planning.

 -The project manager is supposed to manage different risks whereas the scrum master has to monitor and help the improvement of the team dynamics so that collaboration can be promoted.

 – The project manager has to coordinate with dependent teams whereas the scrum master has this responsibility to motivate the team and acts as the glue which will help in finding the whole team together.

 The project manager can be very much useful when there is a need to coordinate multiple teams at a single point of time. The scrum master has to perform different kinds of leadership roles because the activities of the scrum master change every day depending upon the needs of the team. The scrum master acts as a shield for the team and will protect that team from the outside forces and helps to promote the functioning of the team and overall goal achievement. The best scrum master certification helps to provide all such skills in people which will help in promoting the collaboration and coordination among the team members. Hence the differences between the project manager and scrum master have been explained.