What is the Most Important Benefit of an Enterprise Application?

Unlike the well-known social networks, access to which is blocked at workplaces in many companies, corporate applications do not distract employees from their duties, but, on the contrary, help them perform various tasks.  We will tell you more about such developments in the article.

 First, let’s figure out what corporate applications are.  This is the name for closed web portals or messengers, which can only be accessed by employees of the company.  The main task of such applications is to optimize the work of the company.  This usually involves making it easier for employees to communicate, speed up the exchange of information within the firm, and create shared access to all of the organization’s data.  And you can order such applications from the enterprise app development company Diceus.

 Intranet portal, or corporate portal.  Vivid examples of such development are Bitrix24, Jive, Mirapolis, SharePoint.  On the corporate portal, you can post company news, important documentation, phone numbers and addresses of partner firms, as well as information about the services of the organization, which will help newcomers quickly grasp the essence of the work.

 If the management wishes, some part of the site can be made publicly available so that potential clients and employees can learn more about the company.  In short, the corporate portal is the company’s profile internal website.  The content on such web resources, as well as on any sites, is uploaded by the moderator.

 Corporate social network.  These include Facebook Workplace, Loqui Business, DaOffice.  The platform fully justifies its name – it contains almost the same functionality as conventional social networks.  And unlike the corporate portal, the content there is generated by the employees themselves, each of whom has a personal profile with an avatar and brief information.

 Users post news from photos and videos to the news feed of the social network, create various blogs and local corporate chats, where they discuss work processes online.  At the same time, employees can also communicate in separate conversations on abstract topics: about an upcoming corporate event or a recent team building.

 And if in small companies a corporate social network simply speeds up work and unites the team, then for large companies with branches in different cities such an application also helps to reduce internal costs.  With well-structured communication in the corporate social network, there is no need for long-distance calls and even business trips, and problems with poor-quality video communication during online conferences are no longer relevant.  Information boundaries are being erased: an employee connected to the messenger for the corporate network can easily find out about what is happening in another branch of the company and quickly download documents and regulations posted by the head office.

 It should be added that the corporate social network also helps well in monitoring remote employees.  And they, in turn, can report on the work done without leaving the house.

 In addition, the capabilities of a modern corporate application allow you to create a reminder calendar integrated with employees’ mobile phones.  This function significantly reduces the risks of missing meetings, important meetings and other work events, and at the same time deprives unscrupulous employees of the opportunity to “forget” about them.  If necessary, you can enable various privacy settings in the corporate application.  For example, create topics that are hidden from the public eye and give the right to administer only the heads of departments.

 How to implement an enterprise application and why?

 As already mentioned, such a development will be relevant for both large and small firms.  The age of the company does not really matter either.  For young companies that have recently entered the market, the first year of operation is considered the most intense.  And the quick connection of a special application for employees will help make it easier.

 Many people like to compare enterprise software vs saas.  Each has its own characteristics.  And today we talked about enterprise applications.