What makes a great app and how can it be made better?

With more than 1 million apps in stores around the world, it is becoming harder to stand out.

On the other hand, such a growth of apps demonstrates that businesses recognize applications as the must-have tool.

In terms of the high competition rate, it is necessary to meticulously work out all the elements and aspects to make an app valuable for users.

And as long as the development of the high-water-mark app comprises lots of moving pieces and factors, the whole process has become significantly complex.

That is why iOS development services or Android developers pay so much attention to technical tasks. They need to understand the parameters to build the developing process correspondingly.

Having analyzed dozens of the developers’ and users’ reviews, we drew out a list of what makes a good app.


One of the main things is versatility, which supposes that an app can fully perform on all main existing OS — Android, iOS, and Windows.

The latter is not as widespread among mobile devices as the first two, yet, there remains a considerable audience of Windows connoisseurs.

Consistent Color Scheme

It is better not to underestimate the role of the visual design of the app. People like stylish products and IT products are not an exception. That is why much attention is to be devoted to working out the concept of the front end and appearance of an app.

We recommend employing designers to create a few sketches of the future app. The central aspect of this point is a consistent color scheme.

Of course, the color spectrum depends on the app type and its features. A/B testing of the various color schemes allows to clarify situations and helps to make a proper decision.

Focus on a core feature

Bear in mind that the most successful apps have one common property — they all significantly deliver their value. It means that the number of accompanying features will not provoke users to be fond of the app. It may even irritate and make the whole system complex.

Users refuse to use the apps claimed to deliver some precise value, but deliver the value defectively. And the numerous accompanying features will not prevent failing.

So, while working on the app concept and managing its development stay focused on the unique specific value that the app will deliver. And if to speak about features, work on those that will extend the essential value and core actions.

Deliver real value

Try to look at your app from the perspective of users. An app’s concept should be developed only in the paradigm of the users’ benefits.

Do not deceive yourself by taking your values as the users’. Make sure that the service you are going to provide will be in demand.

For that purpose, you can conduct marketing research and detect the peculiarities of the users’ expectations.

Even when it seems that you know what the value your audience expects, take measures for the validation of the idea. It will prevent your app from failure.

When the real potential value is clear, then start working on the mechanism of its delivery.

Provide offline functionality

The Internet seems to be accessible everywhere, or at least nearly everywhere. And naturally, all the apps mainly rely on connection. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to develop an app in a way that it can perform offline. Users will appreciate that, and the positive image of your app will be rising, as due to different reasons almost all of us sometimes get into out-of-net situations.

Maintain high performance

If an app performs badly, — launches slowly and not the first time making the user wait, you’re licked. There was research that shows that users attempt generally 3 or fewer times to use a dysfunctional app. Then it is all over.

To avoid such an unpleasant state of things you have to conduct as much testing and retesting as you can afford.

Then, when finally, the test revealed no issues, take a break for a day and test it again. Leave no chance for bad performance.

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