What Pants Pair Well With Tank Tops: X Styles to Try

In all of humanity, one of our most important creations has been clothing. What we wear is fundamental to the firmament of the human experience. When one thinks about clothing from a top-down perspective. One begins to realize that clothing covers every need a human being has. From the physical necessity of needing protection from the outside elements. To even the psychological necessity of someone needing to express their individuality. You may think I’m exaggerating, but I truly mean it when I say that clothing is a sublimely important part of anyone’s life. And thus even the most minute questions must be treated as sacrosanct. To that end, we ask ourselves…What pair of pants can I possibly pair this tank top with?! Well, Don’t worry my friend, as any of my long-term readers know. I’m something of a fashion maverick. So know that you’re in good hands, as I take you along on this wonderful journey. Where we go through some of the most popular tank tops for men and take a gander at some of the hottest lewks you can look at!

The Big Shirt Little Pants Theory

If you take a look around any of the hottest hangs for the down kids of downtown. You’ll find a single common denominator for the fashion of the day. The 2000’s Are Back Baby!! Yes, grab your oversized cargo pants, and your first-gen iMac, because it’s Y2K all over again. And you know what that means? It means we’re dressing like Xtina and D’angelo’s wardrobes had a fight. But don’t worry we’ll make it look cute! The most important thing to remember for almost any outfit, but especially this type of look is that you need to have balance. Balance is important for any look that one would try to pull off (and it’s especially prevalent here). This is because one of the most integral parts of this look is the tank top. However, to pull this off you need a tight one. Not too tight of course, but one that will be easy to tuck into your pants, and have them stay there. Next, you get a pair of slightly oversized cargo pants. My suggestion is that you try one size up, see how you like it, and go from there. I go for a dramatic look and do about 5 sizes up, but that’s just my personal preference. You then take your tank top and tuck it into your underwear. Put your pants on, and voila! You’re sporting one of the hottest trends of this year with practically little to no effort! Pair it with a cute belt and a nice bracelet and you’re ready to hit the streets. 

The Rocker Aesthetic

Now you might be thinking. Well, I want to look fashionable but 2003 raver wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. No worries! There are as many looks for tank tops as there are tank tops on this planet! We’re sure to come up with one that fits your style eventually! Maybe you’re not into some cutting-edge cyber-ware? Maybe you’re looking for something a little more classic, that shows off that rebellious spirit of yours? Well, this might be the look for you! For this pairing, I was inspired by a plethora of materials, but most prevalently the streetwear of late 1970s New York. For this look, you’ll need a tank top that has a medium fit. Now, notice I didn’t say baggy! What you’re looking for is something that still fits, but fits in a relaxed way. Pair this top with a nice pair of jeans, my suggestion is something simple like a Levi’s 501 or just some classic Wranglers. Now you’re looking like you walked straight out of CBG!

A Modern Classic

Now we’ve been over two styles that are more for making statements than say running errands. But what if you’re looking for a look just to grab groceries? What’s a relaxed comfortable outfit that’s perfect for those days where all you’ve got to do is run errands? My suggestion is to go with the classic loose-fit tank paired with a nice synched ankle khaki. These pants can also be called joggers, but just make sure they have an elastic cuff around the ankle and waist! That’s what gives you the fit you’re looking for! 

Regardless of whatever’s in style, whatever the latest trend is. You should choose the look that best expresses yourself, and most importantly that you feel comfortable in! When it comes down to it fashion is just a tool we use to express ourselves. We can either say exactly what we want to say, or we can shy away and play the trendy game. But hey whatever works for you, just so long as you like what you do! 

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