What to Do If Your Child Is Facing a DUI Charge

Being a parent comes with a lot of responsibilities, whether your child is one or 30 years old. The emotional and financial obligations that come with taking care of kids can be demanding, especially when they become teenagers or young adults. One of a parent’s worst nightmares is getting that call from the police station to inform you that your child was arrested for drunk driving. You may be angry with their actions and carelessness while still worried about their future. As a care-giver, you are also tasked with looking at this unfortunate situation from a supportive point of view which might be difficult.

As a parent, you may fail to understand the circumstances that led to your child’s drinking, such as peer pressure and the need to fit in. Once your teenager is charged with a DUI, their future is at stake, and you must do everything in your power to protect and support them through this unfortunate situation. The good thing is that there are numerous resources out there to help parents going through such predicaments. Understanding your child’s legal choices will help provide the clarity you need to take the first steps in improving your child’s future outlook in terms of education, career and other essential parts of their lives in a society that is highly critical of offenders. So what are the consequences of your teenager’s DUI charges and what should you do about it?

Consult an Experienced DUI Attorney

After getting that phone call, the best thing you can do is find the best attorney in town to help you maneuver the justice system. While most people don’t believe that they can win in a DUI case, having the right lawyer can significantly improve your odds.

You should ensure to choose a lawyer with years of experience and lots of positive feedback who has won similar cases in the past. Ensure that they also know how to deal with underage drinking, teenage DUI charges and any other charges that may come up. Having an attorney with DUI law knowledge on your side will help you get great results through putting in place the most effective defense strategies. With the right lawyer, it is possible to get the DUI charge thrown out or even negotiate a plea deal that will see your child convicted of a lesser charge.

Consequences of Teenage DUI Charges

The penalty and consequences for drunk driving often vary with different states. The sentence is often influenced by other dynamics such as the amount of alcohol in the blood and prior convictions. Underage DUI charges are considered very serious, with research showing that adults of legal age face lesser sentences than first-time, teenage offenders.

Suppose your teenager was charged with a DUI. In that case, they might also face underage drinking charges, possession of fake identification documents, violation of the child endangerment laws and even possession of alcohol as a minor. A DUI will likely end up being just a misdemeanor in their record. However, payment of fines and completion of certain specified hours of community service may be required. The child’s license may be suspended for a specified time as determined by the judge.

How to Handle the DUI Conviction

When your child is charged with a DUI, you may be angry, sad and even feel guilty for failing them. This is the time to be hands-on, encourage your child and show them how to make better decisions next time. Explain the consequences of their irresponsible behavior and turn this into a learning experience. If possible, make them pay you back for the fine charged to enforce good behavior.

As a parent, you may end up feeling stressed over the situation. Please don’t take the stress out on your child, it will not solve anything. Moreover, it may make the situation worse by bringing tensions into your parent-child relationship. Talk to your partner, family or friends and vent. You will feel a little better.

Immediately Hire an Expert DWI Lawyer

If you have been charged with a DWI offense, the first thing you need to do is move as quickly as possible in terms of selecting legal help. This means looking for a specialist DWI or DUI lawyer in your local region and getting him to coordinate with the local authorities instantly. A simple Google search on DWI Lawyers Near Me will throw up multiple results. You can cross-check on their experience, fees and whether or not they would be interested in taking your case. You need to understand that the best DWI Law Firm can help you and your kid secure an acquittal or walk away with a small fine after being charged. 

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