What to Post in Your TikTok to Engage with the Audience

It’s 2023, so having a more or less popular TikTok profile is really common, especially among millennials and gen Z. You can gain quite a large number of followers with basically everything, from posting health and fitness advice to collecting random post-ironic memes. Any type of content has a target audience, so the main goal here will be to retain them and make sure they engage with your profile.

The engagement metric is important not only for huge accounts but also for those who have just started acquiring new followers. It will help the platform determine your profile as interesting and recommend it to more people. Visit Social Boosting to find out how you can buy more followers on TikTok and other social media platforms. You can also use Social Boosting to increase your engagement with your audience. 

So, how to improve your engagement? What to post to make people interact with your content? Here are some efficient answers.

1: Answer the comments

We are sure that you have seen those videos with white comment stickers (that are sometimes placed very inconveniently). This is actually a great way to interact with your audience. When your followers see that you actively communicate with them (via text or video answers), they will be more trustful. But don’t forget about politeness: Even when the comment is harsh, do not cross the line on your side, it will repel people.

2: Post memes. No, really, post memes

The power of memes is infinite. The funny and relatable pictures and videos are keys to the hearts of people. Such content will help your audience understand that you and they are on the same vibe. Besides, if the meme is good, they will share it and give their feedback. A simple “haha” comment or a smiling emoji will contribute to your engagement rate.

A good way to introduce memes into your profile is to make stitches and duets to show your reaction. In order not to disrupt the aesthetic of your profile, you can also use services like https://qload.info/ to download them without watermarks. However, be sure to give credit to the author!

3: Tell a story

Storytelling is a must for a successful TikTok profile. All of us are people that have some stories to share with others. There are a lot of chances that your stories will resonate with people and they would like to write about their own. The main point here is to be as honest as possible. You don’t have to talk about something sensitive if you are uncomfortable with it, but completely made-up stories will disappoint your followers.

4: Bring value to your audience

Posting memes and answering questions left in the comments are cool, but in the long run, it will not be enough. To keep the audience engaged, you need to be useful for them. It’s really easy when you own an expert blog: You can just post valuable insights on the area of your expertise with a nice call to action. Users will save it and discuss it in the comment section.

5: Go live and talk to followers

This is the best way to show your real self to your audience. Technically, you can do anything you want on your live streams, from having a simple conversation with your followers to cooking pasta in real-time. There are studies that claim that 80% of users will prefer a live stream over a long read, so use the full potential of this feature.

Wrapping it up

The aforementioned five ways are proven to be simple and effective. They can be used by accounts of all scales to build a trustworthy relationship with the audience and add more value to the content. The list can be continued with more options like sharing the audience’s content and partnering with other influencers. All these methods can be used to keep the audience entertained and draw their attention to you and your TikTok profile.