Whatman Capsule Filters, Types and Features

The Whatman capsule filter puts together a highly effective media and advanced design features with a quality choice of filtration medium for usage in a variety of applications. The filtration of substantial sample volumes needs products that permit high process channel and rate. There are different sizes of capsules that make it easier for users to scale up volumes from a few liters up to hundreds of liters, using the same filter type.

There are different kinds of end fitting for these capsules to enable easy connections along the process lines. The Whatman capsule filters are endorsed for fast and smooth filtration of different sample types. For each product, there is a quick application guide that shows product suitability by sample type and application area. Some guides will help you know the most quality products depending on particle retention. On some wholesalers’ page, you will find end fittings that are available for each product range. Note that Whatman capsule filters are produced with the best materials, and in a neat environment utilizing ISO-regulated manufacturing procedure. No form of adhesive is used in the process of production to promote the product’s purity. This brand of capsule filter or capsule filtration devices is trusted and reliable in any application.

Polycap TC 

There is critical filtration of virus suspension, food, beverage, and tissue culture media solutions that need products that are produced and designed with the latest techniques and materials to assure that they do not in any way violate the purity and integrity of the product. The standard of cleanliness of the PES filtration membrane joined with the rigorous testing used in the course of production, makes the Polycap TC among the ideal capsules available for these applications. Note that the Polycap TC is disposable, and it has a dual-layer polyethersulfone (PES) membrane filter capsules that offer easy filtration for hazardous aqueous solutions. The PES is fundamentally hydrophilic with an excellent flow rate, less extractable, environmentally friendly, and present low protein binding.

High-performance features of the Polycap TC

  • It is available in non sterile and sterile types with a filling bell choice
  • A 100% integrity test in the course of production
  • Produced in an environment that is ISO regulated standard of cleanliness
  • The integrity of the product is tested by making use of pressure decay, bubble point or forward flow method
  • The Polycap TC product pass the HIMA Challenge Screen for sterilizing grade filters
  • HSA 0.4 µg/cm2 – Insulin 2.0 µg/cm2 – Gamma Globulin 1.5 µg/cm2 are characteristics of the PES membrane protein adsorption


  • Rinsing solutions
  • Particle counting
  • Beverage and food
  • Viral suspension
  • Water, reagent and chemical purification
  • Tissue culture media

Sample Type

  • Biologicals
  • Enzymes
  • Aqueous solutions
  • Buffers
  • Salt solutions
  • Viral suspensions
  • Nutrients

Polycap TF

The Poly cap TF filters contain hydrophobic Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane. With the polypropylene housing, the capsules are made for use with aggressive chemical solutions and organic solvents. 

High-performance features of the Polycap FC

  • It can be sterilized using autoclaving with ethylene oxide (EtO) or steam
  • Produced in an environment that is ISO regulated standard of cleanliness
  • Integrity is testable, and it has a huge resistant to most solvents
  • The Polycap TF 0.05 µm is made for extraordinary clean applications
  • The Polycap TF 1.0 µm is compatible with contaminated organic solvents
  • It has Hydrophobic PTFE membrane in its content


  • Water, reagent, and chemical purification
  • Venting

Sample Type 

  • Gases
  • Electronics 
  • Solvents

Note that the hydrophobic nature of the PTFE membrane and the modern design of the PP housing made the Poly cap TF into a classic device for the filtration of aggressive solutions and organic solvents. The PTFE membrane can also be used for venting applications. Air and gases can be filtered inline. Water droplets are kept on the top of the membrane. Finally, it is available in different sizes, and the Poly cap TF can be utilized in several sample volumes.