Why Delhi Has the Best Coworking Spaces in India and How to Choose One

While the coworking culture has skyrocketed across India in recent years, Delhi, in particular, has become one of the most prominent regions experiencing this trend. The third-largest urban area in the world, India’s capital city is now witnessing exponential growth in entrepreneurial activities, which is naturally attracting leading coworking space providers to open up branches here.

According to a report namely “Turbocharging Delhi-NCR Start-up Ecosystem” released by TiE Delhi-NCR jointly with Zinnov, Delhi NCR has become the largest start-up hub of India replacing cities like Bangalore and Mumbai. With more than 7,000 active start-ups, the region represents 23% of all Indian start-ups.

If the above statistics make you feel interested in operating from Delhi, here’re the things you need to keep in mind when taking your pick from the best coworking spaces in Delhi.

How to choose the best coworking space in Delhi

Well-connected location

Working from a great coworking space isn’t enough if people find it hard to reach the location. While websites will give you a clear picture of how a coworking space looks like, find out whether or not it’s situated in a convenient location. See if it’s well-connected by Delhi metro along with other major transportation services. Try to choose a place with local markets in the vicinity so that you can get anything required to run your business quickly.

Facilities and infrastructural design

The perfect coworking space needs to be one where you can focus on your business only without having to worry about office administration or setup. Make sure that your chosen coworking space in Delhi offers amenities like 24/7 access, round the clock security, CCTV surveillance, electricity backup, high-speed Internet, admin facilities, access to tea/coffee, front office, cleaning service, among others. In terms of infrastructural design, the place needs to match your work style. And most importantly, it must offer a positive and motivating work ambiance. 

Services offered

While many coworking spaces in Delhi offer different kinds of services, all aren’t created equal. Ideally, you should join one where you can book a seat for just one hour/day or for the entire month, depending on your requirements. If you want to have a lockable cabin with all amenities, be sure to choose one that offers private cabins. If you only need a physical address for business communication, see which one of your shortlisted coworking spaces offer virtual office facilities.


When searching for a coworking space, try to find one that offers a balance between affordability and benefits. Flexible packages and transparent deals are two other key factors that you need to consider. Additionally, if you’ve got future expansion plans, it’d be wise to join a coworking space that would be able to accommodate your expanded team. And above all, try the coworking space before finalizing anything. Remember, things may not be the same as what you see in the pictures or capture with a glance over the place. 

Final words

In addition to the above, try to join a coworking space that conducts professional events and meetups where industry-leading experts share their knowledge. If you need professional assistance, you should try one that conducts mentorship programs. All these will not only help you get a regular dose of inspiration but expedite your professional growth as well.