Why do people hang guardian bell on bikes?

Did you ever here about or got a sight of a little bell hanged with motorcycles and people believe that it’s for protection? That little bell is known as guardian bell motorcycle. It is made with a material called pewter.It is like a good luck charm for motorcycle and motorcyclist. Motorcycle guardian bell keeps you safe on road from road evils. These road evils are also called road gremlins. Guardian bell looks small but it’s affect is not small. It can even save your life when road gremlins are waiting desperately for any bike to cause harm. That is the reason people hang this little angel bell to their bike so that they will stay safe from any mishap. I am going to further explain this topic so keep reading this article.

Guardian bell motorcycleas a safety concern

Guardian bell motorcycle is very commonly hanged by on their bikes. You can easily install it on any type of bike. You can also pick up anyone of your own choice because there are lots of designs available in market.

People hang guardian bell motorcycle for protection. When gremlins see any motorcycle or hear the voice of any bike, they become attentive and when it comes closer, they attack on it. They create any technically issue in any part of bike and bike losesits balance and got an accident. If there is guardian bell motorcycle with the bike, things change completely.

Guardian bell motorcycle has good angels who protect the biker and biker. Its sound is unbearable for the road gremlins. When bike comes closer to the road gremlins and they hear the ringing sound of it, they lose their powers and are caught in it. The ringing sound of road guardian bell motorcycle trap the road gremlins and they are not able to escape. In this way guardian bell motorcycle protects the bike from any harm.

Guardian bell came from

In past times people used guardian bell ins funerals and also in churches to ward off evils around there. In churches the priest hang the guardian bell and they believe that its sound will frighten the evils and they will leave that place. Guardian bell was also known as dead bell. People used it for their protection from evil.

In funerals, they rang guardian bell in front of the dead body and they believed that it’s sound will make way for his soul to enter heaven. The evil spirits would bot be able to come in his way to tease him or stop him from going to heaven. Similarly, people started hanging guardian bell to their bikes as well and it became popular with time. Guardian bell is also a strong tradition of bikers ‘community.

Restrictionsabout the use ofmotorcycle guardian bell

Motorcycle guardian bell can become a lucky charm for you if you use it in proper way. If you don’t use it according to it’s rules it can return its effects and can even harm you. So, things I am going to tell you about this motorcycle guardian bell are very important to remember and take care of.

  • Motorcycle guardian bell shows its effect only if it a gift. The main reason behind is that its good spirits could only be called by good gesture. Like if you give a motorcycle guardian bell to any of your friends or family member, it’s powers will activated at that moment. It is because of your care and love for that person. So, if you use it for yourself, it’s effect will not be like that.
  • As I told you good gesture is very essential for activation of powers of motorcycle guardian bell. If someone steals it all the evil spirits trapped in this motorcycle guardian bell are now free. They can harm him in any way and good spirits will not save him as his has done wrong thing. These evil spirits will not let the person go who has stolen it.
  • The most important thing to remember is that never sell motorcycle guardian bell with the bike. If you are going to sell your bike first remove it from bike and then sell your bike.
  • Hang motorcycle guardian bell near to the earth so that it will be able to catch the road gremlins easily. If you hang it over the bike, the chances of escape for road gremlins will be multiplied, do never do that.


These were some important things about motorcycle guardian bell. It can save your life that’s why I recommend that if you are a biker, you must have guardian bell. But you have to take care of all things I have mentioned above in this article. If you care for any person, just give him as a gift so when he will not be with you or on a long journey you will be much satisfied about his protection.