Why Evolis ID Card printers are the Bestseller ID Card Printer in UAE, Middle East

Plastic cards and ID badge printers are designed, manufactured, and sold by Evolis, a global leader in badge and card printer solutions. With eye-catching designs, user-friendly interfaces, and sophisticated card printing and encoding features, the Evolis Printers range has emerged as a pioneer in the plastic card printing market. The Badgy, Zenius, Primacy, and Avansia are just a few of the Evolis card printer types that offer cutting-edge card printing technology at an accessible price from income Technologies LLC the Leading supplier of Evolis ID Card printers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

With its eye-catching card printer designs and unique technologies, Evolis has swiftly become one of the top brands in the ID business. Evolis printers are not only attractive, but they also offer simple operation, quick setup, and excellent card printing capabilities. Evolis is used by organizations all around the world since it is easy to use.

Evolis is used by organizations all over the world since they provide a full line of card printers that may fit your budget and card printing requirements.

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Why should you use Evolis card printers?

Evolis provides a full variety of solutions for identifying individuals and assets, including card printers, card personalization software, signature pads, and other identification peripherals. For more than a decade, Evolis has focused on designing and manufacturing card printers.

Plastic card printing technologies

Plastic card printers allow you to personalize your ID cards and plastic badges for multiple uses: employee badges, loyalty cards, student cards, payment cards, and more.

The smooth surface and material of these plastic cards – typically in “credit card” format (5. x 8.6 cm) – require a different printing technology than that used in the printer ordinary paper (laser or inkjet printer). These systems use special processes to permanently use the ink needed to print on plastic cards, thanks in large part to a ribbon. The ribbon is equivalent to the ink cartridge in an office paper printer.

The two printing technologies used for plastic cards are:

Direct-to-card printing

This technology, also known as D2T2 (Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer), combines Monochrome Thermal Transfer and dye sublimation:

Dye sublimation

When using Evolis Consumables and ribbons in complex palettes (yellow, magenta, cyan, and black), printing is done in several stages, the printhead successively heats each palette. These colored layers then evaporate and solidify on the top layer of the plastic card. Layers are overlapped to get the required color.

Monochrome Thermal Transfer

Thermal Transfer involves applying a single color layer from a monochrome ribbon onto the smooth, flat surface of a plastic card. This transfer is made possible because the print head, by increasing the temperature, heats the areas to be printed on the color layer of the ribbon before transferring it to the card. A glossy finish is then applied to the card to maximize its durability.

The Variants of Evolis Card Printers are

Evolis Zenius Single-Sided Card Printer

The Zenius printer is designed to print single-sided plastic cards on both sides. Zenius produces high-quality color or monochrome cards in small batches or individually. For delivering your personalized cards, Zenius is a user-friendly, small, and cost-effective option.

You have the option of manually inserting your cards or using the automatic feeder with Zenius.

Zenius is an environmentally friendly printer with a high-efficiency sleep mode and low energy usage.

Evolis Badgy 200 Single-Sided ID Card Printer

It’s a cost-effective, all-in-one solution that’s also simple to use. Evolis introduces the Badgy200 solution, which is meant to make printing professional-quality color badges a breeze. Badgy200 meets all of your graphic personalization and fast card creation demands, whether you need single cards or small batches.

Evolis Primacy Dual-Sided Card Printer

Primacy is a high-speed, high-capacity, and high-efficiency printer. This desktop printer, which uses advanced encoding methods, is the ideal option for printing customized cards, from the most basic to the most secure. 

Primacy personalizes color cards in record time, with single-sided printing speeds of up to 225 cards per hour and dual-sided printing speeds of up to 140 cards per hour.

Primacy has a photographic resolution of 300 dpi and edge-to-edge printing for the best print quality.

A card lamination module and encoders for magnetic stripe, contact, and the contactless chip can also be added to your printer.

Evolis Avansia Retransfer Card Printer

Evolis Avansia card printer is a Retransfer technology that produces extremely high-quality cards. Avansia is a high-volume card issuance system that is appropriate for medium and large-scale card production. Avansia is exceptionally sturdy and delivers high-security card issuance. It is designed for heavy use.

Images and phrases are portrayed correctly, while micro texts and watermarks are printed in great detail, thanks to the 600 dpi resolution.

Avansia is incredibly quick, producing about 140 single-sided color cards per hour.

Evolis Quantum 2 Direct-To-Card ID Card Printer

The Evolis Quantum 2 printer is ideal for printing and encoding massive quantities of cards. It prints the front and back of the cards in color or monochrome at a record-breaking speed.

For centralized manufacture of plastic cards in big quantities, Quantum 2 combines the feel of a desktop printer with the capability of an industrial printer.

With a 500-card capacity feed tray and stacker, the Quantum printer can produce over 1000 monochrome cards per hour and 150 color cards per hour.

Quantum is a cost-effective alternative to industrial card printers since it can handle massive volumes of cards with excellent print quality.

Evolis Primacy 2

The Primacy printer is extremely fast, powerful, and efficient. Using advanced encoding technologies, this desktop printer is the Best Solution for issuing personalized Card, from the foremost simple to the foremost. Primacy is offered in single and dual-sided versions and is the ideal choice for printing and encoding cards in medium and enormous runs.

The Evolis Primacy 2 Printer is one of the quickest and maximum effective card printers on the market, with as many as 280 playing cards in color (single-sided) and one thousand playing cards monochrome (single-sided). This saves you treasured running time and substantially reduces manufacturing costs. Also, the converting of the ribbons is carried out in some seconds because of the accurately fitting ribbon cartridges.

Applications of Evolis Card Printers

• National Id Card

• Employee Badge & Control Access

• Membership Card Printing

• Prepaid Card And Gift Cards

• Visitor Access Cards Printing

• Student Id Cards: All Student Life, In A Card

• Loyalty Cards Printing For Shops

• Driver’s License

• Transit Pass Printing

• Bank Card

• Price Tag

• Event Badge

• Digital Signature

• Buffet Tag For Hotels

• Insurance & Health Care Cards

• Labels For Art Exhibitions

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