Why is 2020 the Best Time for Hosting Virtual Conferences?

2020 has been full of unwanted surprises. The coronavirus pandemic and social distancing norms has disrupted the normal coursework of almost all sectors. Different industries are adopting various ways to fight the challenges and create new opportunities for themselves. The event planning industry, which highly depends on face to face interaction, has also considerably switched to virtual interaction over the past few months.

Most companies are resorting to “digital” events prioritizing the safety of the community.  The new virtual format helps to connect people more easily without any risk and most people are eager to fully utilize this forum. So, we can expect Virtual Conferences and Events to be the next big thing in 2020 as it is worth switching to online forums in such a time of crisis.

Here are the main reasons WHY 2020 is best suitable for conducting virtual events.

Covid-19 Adherence to Social Distancing Norms 

This is the most important reason why virtual events are gaining predominance. At the present situation all companies are trying to follow safety protocols for employees and staff members. Travel restrictions have also been imposed due to lockdown. However companies cannot afford to sit ideal and face losses. Conducting events on virtual forums is the best alternative option for most companies. The companies are planning and marketing their events online as well.

Global Reach and Visibility

Virtual events undoubtedly offer greater reach and visibility. Since there is not a rigid venue, people from all over the world can take part in the conferences. The online world therefore gives a better option for attendees to connect and participate. 

Importance of Digital Content 

Everything revolves around digital content nowadays. Mobile phones and computers are the most intrinsic part of our lives. In 2020, planning and strategizing digital content gives you a boost as most attendees are ready to consume online content. The more digital your content is, the more audiences and attendees you will attract.

New Technologies as Saviors

The technological world is continuously evolving. The normal video and audio interaction has changed. Live streaming is the new savior and player in the field as it can be simultaneously broadcast and recorded. Live streaming the sessions is more effective for the attendee as it is possible to have online conversation with the speakers through video feed, chat and more. . In 2020, all these technological options allow the companies to conduct their virtual events successfully no matter how large scale the event is.

Attendee Tracking

Marketers since many years are trying to track the attendees properly. The virtual events have a stronger foothold than the physical ones in this respect.  It is possible to quantitatively measure and track the attendees and their engagement patterns. Understanding the attendee journey is an important part to improve ROI and gain better insights about the customers.

You can track the following:

  • Demographics
  • Duration of visit 
  • Session Attendance 
  • Check in and check out timings 
  • Booth scanning 

Such information will help you to know the attendees better and understand their needs and expectations. 

Personalized Experience 

Customers are the Kings.  Event marketers try to give the customers the best experience- the more personalized the better. It helps to effectively reach the target audience by conducting polls, surveys and studies. By collecting such data, you can create customized campaigns and emails based on their interests and needs. It has been proved that customers respond positively towards personalized communication since they feel that the company is directly catering to their unique needs.


Finally, we can conclude that by the end of 2020, the event industry will see a drastic change – from physical to online. This does not however imply that the physical events will come to a halt totally. It is just that online events will continue to gain more preference not only because it is convenient but also cost effective.