Why Is It Smart to Add a Mixed Breed Puppy to Your Family

There are few joys in life greater than getting a dog and bringing them home for the first time. They’re a new member of the family with whom you’re going to build a lifelong bond. 

While many people prefer purebreds, adopting a mixed breed dog is a unique experience any animal lover will enjoy. Mixed breeds, also known as mutts or crossbreeds dogs, are a mix of at least two different purebred dogs. 

Regardless of what they’re called, the one constant about mixed breeds is that they can be beautiful pets when well trained and socialized. If you’re looking for a good mixed breed dog, then you should consider the Bordoodle. Also you can easily find some reputable Bordoodle puppies for sale.

Unfortunately, many people are of the impression that mixed breeds are a lower caste of pets. People who consider themselves as serious pet owners prefer purebreds because they fit certain stereotypes. For instance, German Shepherds are considered the best protectors of kids, rottweilers are the ultimate guard dogs, and Golden Retrievers are the perfect family dog.    

The truth is mixed breeds are also perfect for just about any family. They are good for jogging, keeping in an apartment, are great with kids, and even for the stay-at-home grandpa. 

If you’re considering adding a mixed breed pup to your family but you haven’t quite made a decision yet, then you’re in the right place. This article explains in detail what a mixed breed dog is, the advantages of adopting one, and how you can take good care of it.

Brief Introduction to Mixed Breed Dogs

Mixed breed dogs come to be as a result of breeding different dog breeds. Naturally, mixed breeds will take after their parent breeds. They come in various shapes, types, sizes, and colors. Their physical and behavioral traits depend on the number of genes they inherit from their parents and which of them are dominant or recessive.  

There’s nothing intentional about mixed breeds. They are often the outcome of accidental mating and are not registered. There are, however, particular registries that have documented some information about several mixed breeds.   

If you want to figure out the parent breeds of a mixed breed, making an accurate judgment based on looks can be difficult. However, canine genetic testing can help you know what breeds make up your dog. 

A simple saliva test can provide accurate insight into your dog’s ancestry as well as health information about your dog. 

Why You Should Adopt a Mixed Breed Pup 

1. Mixed Breeds Live Long Lives

When it comes to age and lifespan, a mixed breed dog will live a very long life. 

A mixed breed pup will outlive a pedigree pupper any day of the week. Pedigrees have a smaller gene pool as a consequence of many years of mass breeding. As such, weaknesses are further magnified within their bloodlines and are also carried on across generations. 

For instance, labradors are highly susceptible to arthritis. As a result, labradors put on weight later on in their lives since they cannot walk or run fast to burn off calories, causing them to pass on at a young age. 

Mixed breeds, however, usually have genes from many different dog breeds. For this reason, they are not prone to the risks of inbreeding like pedigrees are. This is good news if you’re considering adopting a mixed breed pup as they are a lot healthier, and you’ll enjoy their companionship for many years.  

This doesn’t mean that your mixed breed pup will not develop health issues later in its life. But the odds of your dog having a genetic defect are much lower.

2.  You’ll Have A Loyal Companion for Life

By adopting a mixed breed pup and providing them with a loving home, they will return your love tenfold, and you will instantly become their best friend. 

Many mixed dog pups often end up in shelters where they feel both emotionally and physically abandoned. To worsen matters, they’re often overlooked in favor of purebreds. Adopting a mixed breed pup will give the dog a new chance at living a good life full of love.

Of course, you’ll have to consider whether you have the right resources to give the dog a good life before you adopt it. But once you have the dog at home and gain its trust, the two of you will share a very powerful emotional bond. 

Be patient with them, and you will have a loyal best friend for life. 

3. Mixed Breed Dogs Are Very Unique

Unlike designer dogs that have to adhere to rigorous breeding standards, mixed breeds have not been selectively bred to have specific characteristics. Therefore, adopting a mixed breed pup means you will have a pet that’s unique both in behavior and appearance.   

Their ears don’t match. They have quirky patches of color across their coats and have an unknown lineage that will keep you guessing. You might even find out that your mixed breed pup has the best genes from its ancestors when it comes to intuition, athleticism, affection, and intelligence.

No two mixed breed dogs are the same. So if you’re looking for a dog with a stand-out personality and appearance, then a mixed breed pup should be a perfect choice for you.  

4. They Are More Affordable as Compared to Purebreds

Most purebreds are expensive to buy, with costs ranging as high as $2,500. Even though adopting from a shelter will cost you less, purebreds require a high level of care and attention. 

On the other hand, you can get a mixed breed for as low as $800. Mixed breeds are very low-maintenance, shed little to no fur, and don’t need regular grooming. Many shelters even give them away for free or for a minimal fee because they’re not highly preferred. You’ll also find that dogs in shelters have already gotten the necessary vaccine shots. 

As pointed out earlier, mixed breeds are generally healthier dogs. So, you’ll save money that you would have otherwise spent on visits to the vet if you were to go with a purebred dog.

5. You’ll Save the Mutt’s Life 

A lot of mixed breed dogs often end up in an animal shelter. If you’re thinking about buying a mixed breed dog, why not adopt it from a shelter? Not only will you be getting a loyal companion, but you will also ensure that the mutt does not meet an untimely end as most do in dog shelters when they’re still so young. 

A lot of dogs who don’t find a home end up being euthanized, so you’ll literally be saving the dog’s life and some of your money too. Additionally, you will also be making space for another dog. 

There are a lot of dogs on the street suffering cold, hunger, and abuse. Despite them being in dire need of shelter, rescue homes aren’t in a position to take them in because they’re almost always at full capacity. 

So when you really think about it, you’ll be saving two lives by adopting one and giving another the chance of shelter and adoption too. 

6. Your Own Life Will Change for the Better

We have talked about how you can save the life of a dog. Now let’s talk about how it can save yours. 

There is a reason that dogs are called man’s best friend. Taking in a mixed breed pup will expose you to a new world full of love, loyalty, and companionship. If you’ve never opened your heart or home to a dog before, any current or previous owner will tell you just how much happier your life will become.  

Mental health experts often advocate care dogs for people struggling with mental health issues. Petting dogs has been scientifically proven to reduce stress levels as well as blood pressure. Their loving nature will also be a massive help for people suffering from depression

How to Choose the Right Mixed Breed Puppies

Now that you have decided to get a dog, ready yourself for one of the best times of your life. Take time to evaluate your lifestyle so you can figure out precisely what sort of mixed breed puppy would be ideal for you. 

Although some people choose to overlook mixed breeds, this has no bearing on the dog’s quality. There are mixed breeds with high energy that you can go jogging with. There are also more relaxed dogs that you can lounge on your couch with as you binge on Netflix.

But if you’re looking for something in between, then you should consider the Bordoodle.