Why use CatEight to study abroad will be easier?

Studying abroad is invaluable on a personal, professional and academic level. When you study abroad, you meet students from all over the world, build an international network and get to know a new language and culture. Opt for a high school year, university preparation, do your course search or follow a full education abroad. 

Why use CatEight?

1. Explore the world

Nothing is more fun than packing your suitcase and going out into the wide world. A completely different world opens up for you abroad. For example, you learn a lot about the culture of the country and how people there view each other and the world. You find out that many things are different than with us.

By experiencing this up close, you gain more understanding and respect for cultures and people. It is also the best way to learn another language. A time abroad does not only provide good memories. What you experience and learn, you take with you in your daily life.

2. Grow as a person

A study, internship or gap year abroad is an exciting adventure. But it is super good for your personal development. You have to find out and arrange a lot in advance, and you are suddenly far from home in a new environment. But you will see that this will make you grow as a person. 

You will not only learn more about the world, but also about yourself. This is good for your self-confidence. You will also see that your experience abroad makes you more creative and flexible in certain situations.

3. Make international friends

If you are abroad for a longer period of time, you will meet a lot of new people from other countries. You often make friends for life. That is not only great fun, but also very good for your international skills.

Your foreign classmates, friends and housemates will undoubtedly have different habits than you. A sandwich with chocolate sprinkles for breakfast is very normal for you, but your roommate from India may think very differently. Funny moments like this are often also very educational.

4. Work on your resume

You may not think about it that way yet, but your time abroad can come in handy when you’re looking for a job.

Abroad you come into contact with different cultures, make international friends and sometimes learn a new language. As a result, you will soon be able to work together (internationally). These international skills will look good on your CV and make you interesting for many companies and organizations.

Always mention your study, internship or gap year abroad in your application letter and CV. And who knows, you might soon have your dream job!

In addition, CatEight pays a lot of attention to best courses to study in Australia, so that you get to know the subjects in addition to the local language. Studying abroad with them makes your study abroad an absolute life experience! Do not hesitate and come with them abroad!

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