Window Replacement Should Be High on Your Renovation List

Spring is nearly here, and for many homeowners, that means it’s renovation season. Some homeowners opt to focus their efforts on the more visible aspects of a home, like the kitchen cabinetry, bathroom backsplash or bedroom paint. But don’t overlook the functional aspects of your home. Specifically, don’t disregard your windows.

People tend to forget about their windows sometimes. As long as they aren’t falling out of their frames, they should be good – right? That’s not the case. Old, inefficient, poorly installed or outdated windows have no place in your home.

This article is making a case for window replacement. Consider bumping windows up to the top of your spring renovation list. Need more convincing? Here’s a list of ways new windows can improve your home.

Quality Windows Actually Save You Money

Drafty, old or improperly installed windows provide an inadequate barrier between your home’s interior and the outside elements. You get cold drafts in the winter and leaked air-conditioned air in the summer. As a homeowner, you pay for these energy losses through your energy bill.

An excellent way to tell that your windows need replacing is to look at your monthly energy costs – if they’re higher than they should be, it may be time to replace them. For new, efficient windows that can save you money month after month, check out Golden Windows products like triple-glazed windows.

Make Your Home Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Insulating a home is about more than saving money. It’s also about limiting greenhouse gas emissions. Efficient windows conserve important energy and move your home one step closer to being net-zero energy.

Windows Are a Critical Component of Curb Appeal

For those unfamiliar with the term, “curb appeal” is the attractiveness of a property as seen from the street. For many homeowners, curb appeal is a point of pride. For some, it’s a proactive step toward increasing resale value. Often, the first thing you see when you look at a home is the windows. Whether you’re expressing homeowner pride or investing in resale value, window replacements are the way to go.

Installed Correctly, They Make Your Home More Comfortable

Drafty, poorly insulated homes are uncomfortable for occupants. They get chilly in the winter, even when the heat is turned up, and they get warm in the summer when the air-conditioning is running.Replacing your windows can help you create a more comfortable, shielded home environment. Just make sure the installers are professional and trustworthy. Bonus points if you can book installation with the same company you purchase the window.

Reap the Benefits of Natural Light

New windows from quality window companies tend to come with “low E” glass. Low E glass minimizes the amount of infrared and UV light coming through the window without minimizing visible light. In simple terms, that means Low E glass lets natural light in without the accompanying heat and colour-fading. Natural light is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle, so you want to ensure your windows allow enough in.

If you’re putting together a spring renovation list, put window replacement at the very top. With new, first-rate, efficient windows, you can save money, beautify your home and create a more comfortable environment for the whole family.