Your Step-by-Step Guide to More Beautiful, Blemish-Free Skin

Having beautiful skin can definitely improve your confidence; if you know that your skin is clear and free from blemishes, this can give your self-esteem a boost. We have all dealt with pimples and blackheads, and sometimes, they can’t really be avoided, but you can still give your skin the care it needs and see the results you’ve been wanting – as long as you know what to do. There are different ways to care for your skin, but you first have to establish a strong routine for skincare – and stick to it. But what do you really have to do in order to make your skin more beautiful and blemish-free? Here’s your step-by-step guide.

1. Cleanse, cleanse, and cleanse

The first step is so simple and obvious, but many people don’t pay enough attention to its importance. When you make it a point to carefully wash your face every day, you are already giving it the armour it needs to remain clear and blemish-free. Our skin can easily become dirty when we go outside as we expose it to pollutants in the environment, and we need to remove this accumulation of dirt and pollutants with the right cleanser. Your cleanser has to be the right type for your skin as well. For instance, if you have acne-prone or oily skin, it’s best to go for a foaming liquid. If your skin is quite sensitive, choose a product with oil, because oil can absorb oil. If you have mature skin, a balm cleanser is a good choice, and if you have dry skin, use a cream- or lotion-based cleanser. Cleansers from producers like SkinCeuticals are especially effective, for example, because they are made with only the best tried and tested ingredients and are great for different types of skin.  

2. Tone your skin 

When you tone your skin, you are essentially giving it the balance it needs to look and feel healthy. Toning is actually a great way to remove leftover grease and dirt on your skin, and today’s toners are much better than those harsh ones from the 1980s. Toners today are packed with more replenishing ingredients, and when looking for the right toner, choose those with alpha as well as beta hydroxy acids, hyaluronic acid, green tea, rose water, and vitamin C and E. You should apply toner after you cleanse your skin, and make sure your hands are clean. 

3. Moisturise your skin 

A moisturiser serves to soften and hydrate the skin, and it is the third essential ingredient for more beautiful, healthier skin. A moisturiser can prevent the loss of water through the skin’s outer layers, and it can complement the skin’s natural oils to protect your skin and make it look better. Moisturisers are recommended for all skin types, and you should use them year-round. This is particularly true once you get older, as the skin loses its natural ability to produce and retain moisture. If your skin is a bit on the oily side, go for a gel moisturiser since it is lightweight and it also gets quickly absorbed by the skin, and if your skin is dry, look for a soft cream moisturiser. If your skin is normal or you have combination skin, a lotion moisturiser should do the trick.