Youssef Chreiba, seniorjo the HandsomeHunk of Fashion and a Hulk of Words

Blogger Model TurnedEntrepreneur with Global Collaborations in the World of FashionCASABLANCA, MOROCCO – 15th July 2019

YoussefCheriba, the Instagram sensation, a fashion blogger, an influencer, a model and an entrepreneur with over 290k followers has many things to boast about these days.

Fashion blogging isn’t an easy task. One needs to have flair for words as well as for style. There are very few people who make it big with their blogs attracting and influencing people from across the world.

Youssef is one of those very few blessed and talented young people who start their journey with an aspiration to make it big someday. Hard work and talent have definitely paid off for Youssef as he is not only a successful fashion blogger but a remarkable
influencer. Youssef has receivedpraises not just for his words but for his stylish looks as well.

He is witnessing an ultimate kickoff in his career as he attracts two major collaborations. The first being with Wachma Couture, a fashion house back home
and The Royals, a Paris based luxury fashion house. While the former belongs to Issam Wachma, a renowned designer, the latter belongs to Hicham Bensilmane, an exceptional designer and an Instagram sensation himself.

These two collaborations have paved way towards the GreatFashion Gatsby for Youssef. There is no turning back for Youssef with thenumber of followers increasing day after day on Instagram and Facebook.

To know more about Youssef visit About Youssef Cheriba Youssef Cheriba a.k.a. Senior Jo is a model, a fashion blogger, an influencer and thelatest entrepreneur on the block.

Based at Casablanca in Morocco, this talented young man is creating his own mark not just in his home country but in different parts of the world.