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Hello to everyone, who is going to know something new about a developer’s job and especially hiring in ReactJS development company! Programmers are currently in great demand and have a high level of remuneration. The profession is promising, involving career growth, suitable for people with analytical thinking, interest in mathematics and foreign languages. Experiencing a shortage of highly qualified personnel, companies are often even ready to train and develop a promising candidate themselves to the required level: to help master new technologies and languages, to give non-trivial tasks in order to engage and interest. Companies focused on development help developers grow in a friendly professional community and undergo international certification. It has become a good practice in IT companies to unite developers of different levels in one project team: for example, the senior deals with architecture issues, the middle ones perform key tasks, and the juniors observe them and adopt their experience. Thus, the industry is open to everyone who is ready to grow and educate themselves, not just a select few with innate abilities.

Some of you may be wondering if you need to fully master ReactJS and look for a job in this direction. After all, vacancies for beginners are getting smaller every day, some companies are cutting salaries. But do not forget that the number of Internet users is growing day by day and as of 2019 57% of the world’s population has access to the Internet, several thousand sites are hosted every day, therefore, the number of visitors to these sites is increasing. Because of this, users are using more data through browsers and this is the reason that web development will be in demand in the future. Development includes not only a part of front-end design, but it also gives a new trend in the market of professions. Some professions existed 10 years ago, but they were not so developed and popular. Development of any web application requires some experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Anyone can now learn and become a programmer. The demand for programmers has increased dramatically and there are resources available that allow anyone to find a job as a developer. You may not have a higher technical education, but you still can find such a job.

I will give you a few reasons why web development is so in demand in the modern world:

  1. The first reason is the web applications themselves. You will see how modern resources work now – without exception, the web! Any mobile application uses the web, any complex application uses the web (for example, for banking). These applications are everywhere, even where you did not suspect, everything is related to JavaScript and development.
  2. The second reason comes from the first – React developers are now the highest paying in the world. Compared to other professions, salaries are significantly higher. In America and Canada, a React developer with at least 5 years of work experience can apply for a salary of 150 thousand dollars per year.
  3. The third reason concerns the simplicity of the web. I think very few people would argue that the web is easier to program various microcontrollers or develop complex software. Anyone who is willing to spend two to six months studying and working hard can learn this now. Web development has some psychological effects. At the initial stage, you don’t really need to install anything, you don’t need to understand anything else, you just write the code and see the changes. What could be better?
  4. The next reason is that React development is, after all, very interesting. And you will still be paid a lot of money for this. The best thing is when you love your job and are ready to do it every day. You should not learn programming if you do not like it at all and does not suit you, because you will not be happy working in the wrong place. In web development, you can create various projects every day, solve complex but interesting tasks, enjoy the implementation of projects and satisfied customers.
  5. Well, the last reason is that you can write mobile applications using React Native. Writing a mobile application for Android or iOs is also a good experience.

Now you have asked yourself what do I need to know to become a ReactJS developer? Now I will describe everything. Initially, you need to study the documentation for the React itself and this is logical. In principle, the documentation is very well structured, there is localization in many languages. It is worth starting with the basic concepts, step by step. The documentation contains examples and snippet code, and it is very important that all these examples need to be tried, entered and run by yourself. So, you learned the basic concepts, learned how to work with components, props, you know what a state is, how we handle events, and then you definitely need to look at Advanced Guides. That is, there are already more subtle points, such as how we share the code, how we work with the context, how we do error handling, that is, more advanced concepts. Then you need to look through API References and a Hook section. This is an alternative way of writing components, hooks are special functions that allow you to optimize the operation of your functional components, have their state, and simulate various methods of the life cycle. That is, everyone should read about this, there is nothing complicated here. You can also read about testing. The documentation is very well written. Basically, react is very quick to learn, especially if you have basic knowledge of JavaScript. Well, it is clear that the very fact of studying react implies that you already know HTML and CSS at a sufficient level. The next thing to consider is React Router, a community routing library for web applications. You must know how to build a router for such an application, and for this you need also learn the documentation of this library. It also contains all the examples of how we work with routes, how to make redirects, and so on. After you have studied ReactJS and understand how to route your application, it is worth thinking about state management. Because if your application is approaching some average size or it is a large application, you need to make the state. To solve this problem, you need to read about Redux – a library that allows you to centralize the state of your application and manage it flexibly. In fact, Redux has a provider and around this set of logic they allow you to manage the state. After learning Redux, you can interact with the state of the application more correctly, more flexibly. Here raises the question “How to send requests to the backend correctly?” Now it’s time for the Redux-Saga, which allows you to perform various kinds of side effects. This is already a good level to get the position of a junior ReactJS developer, but in many companies, development must follow modern trends. Therefore, to become a specialist and be in demand in any company, you must develop and learn something new every day.


After reading this amount of information, you need to summarize all. So, let’s start with the obvious advantages: high income, free schedule, belonging to an intellectual caste, the ability to travel abroad and prospects. High income of programmers is no secret to anyone. There is enough information about this. The IT specialist’s schedule is really free, even if you are sitting in the office. Working from 9:00 to 18:00 in large companies is more archaism than tradition. In most of them, programmers are assigned a specific task – for a day, a week, or a month – and they must complete it. How? These are the problems of a specialist who can go to work even after lunch. A programmer is not just a specialty, but a way of life. Often these guys communicate only with their own, discuss some incomprehensible topics for others, use their own slang, jokes. Outside people are simply not interested in it, just like a programmer is listening to a conversation about everyday things. It is easier for a programmer to get a job abroad. Already at the university, a student receives tempting offers from abroad. It is not difficult for an IT specialist to leave to work for a rich western company. Increases the chance of a good knowledge of English. Personnel in programming are always needed and, according to experts, the profession will remain one of the most promising now and in the future. Now you know everything and even more about the benefits of ReactJS development company. Hope it was interesting for you. Good luck!

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