Best Gift Ideas For Your Friends For Any Ocassiony Or Friendship Day 2019

It is a known fact that a person who has a good company is already fortunate enough. A person who does not have good friends is a poor person and those who are blessed with good friends are really lucky.  So don’t take your friends for granted….. Always try to make them feel special on different occasions so that they know how much you care about them and will always be there for them. In this coming friendship day, gift your friend one of these gifts and see the brightest smile on their face:

Instant Photo Camera

To keep your memories safe along with your friends, capturing pictures is a great idea. You can give this instant photo camera to your friends for this purpose. With the camera by their side, they will be able to take live memories in the form of pictures. You can purchase these instant cameras from different gadget companies. If you choose to buy it from Fujifilm, you can also avail their option of recording videos. 

Mantra Bracelet

Your friends need validation from you occasionally. Remind your best friends that they matter to you and they are the only one for you by gifting them a mantra bracelet with the line “you’re my person” engraved on it. It will not be a cute accessory for your friends to wear but also a reminder that will remind them every day how special they are.

Temperature Control Mug

It is normal to neglect the basic nutrients required by our body between working, studying and other busy elements of our life. To show your friends that you care about them, you can gift them a temperature control mug. If your friends love coffee or tea then this is a great idea. They can leave it and do their work without being concerned about their drink getting cold.

Concert Tickets

Is your friend crazy about a certain band? Then there is nothing better than gifting them concert tickets to their favourite band or singer. This will make their day and they will remember it for the rest of their life. If you are interested in buying concert tickets, check some of the best event ticket deals at Gotstubs.

Wireless Power Bank

We heavily depend on Smartphone’s that is why we need it at all times. Considering the hectic schedules, our phones have to be charged at all times but one cannot charge it all the time. Hence, give your friends a wireless power bank, which they can use to charge their phones at all times and whenever they want.

Sleep And Wake Up Light

If your friend hates waking up in the morning and always gets annoyed about it, in that case, gifting them a ‘sleep and wake-up light’ sounds like a perfect idea. The alarm clock/light will exactly work like actual sunlight and make it easy for your friends to get up in the morning and start their day. 

Netflix Gift Card

With the craze of Netflix increasing, the streaming services are getting more expensive each passing day. Gift your friends a Netflix gift card which they can use to tune in to their favourite shows at any time they want and thank you later for it.

Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphones

For your tech-savvy buddy, who is an introvert and likes to stay away from people, gift him noise-cancelling earphones. They last up without charge for 30 hours and your friend can easily avoid conversations and any other kind of interruptions. They can also use these earphones while studying and while writing essays from different college essay writing service to avoid any distractions. 

Macramé Photo Display

Change your memories into a photo wall art hanging together so that your friends can add that to their room and whenever they pass by it, they can be reminded how many memories they have shared with you and how special you are to them. It will also be classic wall art.

Travel Wallet

Do your friends travel a lot? Then you should make this friendship day more special by giving them a travel wallet. It will show how much you support them in their goals. Your friends will be able to carry this everywhere they travel. No matter if they are in Turkey or Italy, they will be reminded of you every day with this gift. 

Spa Day

If your female friend loves taking care of herself, then there would be nothing better than taking out in her a spa day where she can relax and take care of herself. 

Favourite Novel

This gift could be a great idea for people who love reading and want to get their hands on every book quickly. Gift your friends their favourite novel or better yet, give them a novel that they wanted for so long but could not get their hands on it. Your friend’s day will be made with this simple gesture.

Retro Bucket Bag

An ideal combination of vintage style and classic bucket women bags, this bag is guaranteed to bring a smile to your female friends face. They can carry it anywhere they want to. 


To sum up, these gift ideas are all small gestures that will make your friends feel special. If you do not want to give them anything, you can simply take them out for a lunch or a spa day as well. Nevertheless, what matters, in the end, is that you acknowledge their existence.