How Publishing Informational Articles to an Online Legal Repository Help Elevate Your Firm

Nowadays, almost everyone has access to the internet, which gives anyone the power to utilise it for marketing, advertising, publishing, etc. For corporate businesses and firms, the worldwide web becomes a broad playing field as several of them now have their websites. Now, with all of these competitors, probably as credible and experienced as your firm, how can you stand out?

You have to utilise this opportunity to create networks and reach a broader audience to leverage your company. Exhaust all possibilities to reach your firm’s full potential. One thing that many of us may not know about is how an online source of legal intelligence like JD Supra would help you with that goal. That is why we have written a comprehensive article on how JD Supra benefits firms and what you should do to get started.

What Is JD Supra?

When you visit JD Supra’s website, you will immediately see the list of newly published articles. These articles are legal information written by experts with the goal that hopefully, someone who needs this type of knowledge right now would be able to utilise them. And this is one of JD Supra’s primary missions — to provide readers with a credible source of legal commentaries and facts from authors all over the world.

On the other end of this, JD Supra operates their website and services as a platform for these legal experts and their firms to share their knowledge and receive networking benefits from doing it. Not only is it for writing, but it also serves as an avenue for these firms to conduct webinars and other events to elevate and put into practice their expertise.

Prominent topics in JD Supra vary from corporate information, small business legal guidelines and other personal matters. With this wide range of issues, any lawyer and firm with any speciality would be able to contribute and use JD Supra as a platform for publishing. This also makes this repository of legal information a one-stop source for readers because it caters to any type of legal needs.

How does JD Supra work?

Once you have signed up for JD Supra, your firm will be given its own profile where all of its information and published content will be organised. You can also add your logo, header, and background images. Content for JD Supra is not only limited to articles. You can also upload videos and podcasts your readers can watch and listen to.

Furthermore, readers can also create their accounts, giving them access and opportunity to follow all topics and legal firms that interest them. This way, they can customise and filter the type of content that they want to see in their subscription.

How can JD Supra benefit my firm?

1. Enhances the firm’s visibility

JD Supra has more than 1.5 million monthly readers. Just imagine how many counsels, executives, and potential clients would be able to read your published article. Not only does this put you on the map, but it also drives more traffic to your own website. Previous clients have attested to how the number of attendees of their webinars has increased thanks to JD Supra.

2. Delivers potential clients to you

As we mentioned, when you publish with JD Supra, you will get this massive exposure to millions of readers. If you think about it, several of them are in need of legal assistance and would potentially tap you and your firm.

3. It helps you build a network.

JD Supra’s platform provides opportunities for firms to create and widen their networks with devoted readers, clients, executives, and like-minded colleagues. Expect your network to grow as readers share your articles on their own continuous social media platforms.

4. Provides an avenue for media to reach out to you

When you visit their website, you will see a button on top which says “For Reporters”. This is an easy way for firms to receive media attention. Most of the time, reporters seek legal commentaries and other information in JD Supra, and at times, they would ask direct assistance from an expert. JD Supra created a way to connect reporters to legal firms quickly.

5. Supply robust analytics of your content

JD Supra gives each of their clients regular analytics on the performance of their content and how wide the audience it has reached. Furthermore, they also supply comprehensive and concrete tips and advice on how you can improve this.

6. JD Supra guides their clients every step of the way.

They provide in-depth guidelines that will help their client in every aspect. Their resources website is exclusively for their current and future clients. They would be able to access several articles on content strategy, writing tips, tutorials on how to use the analytics, etc.

How do I know that it is legitimate?

If you want to see concrete results from their services, JD Supra has a section on their website dedicated to testimonials written by their previous and current clients. You will notice how they are able to elevate thousands of firms all over the world — not to mention that they have been doing this for more than 13 years now. See it for yourself and visit their website now.

How to get started with JD Supra?

Reaching out to JD Supra is now as easy as ever. Just head on to their resources website and fill out the form to create an appointment. If you want to talk to someone directly, their VP for client services is ready to accommodate you, all you need to do is send an email or schedule a call, and they will reach out to you. Their website is also packed with articles and guidelines on how you can get started with JD Supra. Just visit their website for all the information.

In this day and age, where the most effective marketing is through online platforms, you want to ensure that you are catching up with what is happening. Exhaust all opportunities for exposure and advertising to help you and your firm receive the promotion and publicity it deserves. Extend your visibility and networks through JD Supra — an effective platform for your legal intelligence.