How To Know Where Your Health Stands 

Knowing where your health stands is an involved process. We don’t always think about the intricate layers involved in looking after ourselves, but the reality is, that there are many factors involved in the care and keeping of the self. From considering the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, there is a lot to keep track of. All aspects of health can be considered independently to make things easier. It is important to know that overall your health influences others, but by working on them individually, you can work towards a state of positive health. Read on to learn how to know where your health stands. 

Start With Your Body

Starting from the outside, consider how you feel physically. Perhaps there are areas of your physical health that you’d like to work on. Are you feeling out of sorts? Does your body crave movement, better nutrition, etc.? Using your senses, consider the state of your physical health and determine the next steps. If you’re noting any physical symptoms, be sure to get these checked out by your doctor as an act of preventive care. 

If you are experiencing things like involuntary shaking or tremors, you should see your doctor to rule out severe conditions like essential tremor vs parkinson’s. You might find that anxiety, stress, or medication side effects could cause shaking, and it’s nothing to worry about. But, you should still visit your doctor to address your physical symptoms and conditions for peace of mind. 

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Work With Your Mind

Your mental health will also play a critical role in your overall well-being. With busy schedules and daily stress, it’s easy to become a victim of racing thoughts and anxiety. You can also deal with depression if you’re feeling the mundane of daily life or problems in your personal life. No matter what your mental health concerns are, there are ways to begin cultivating healthier neural pathways that can boost your positivity and overall mental outlook.

It is essential to begin working with your mind to gauge your mental health state. Consider taking up healthy habits like meditation to destress and process your thoughts more clearly. Journaling is another effective tool for determining where your health stands. See if you can pinpoint any patterns in your thinking that you want to improve on. 

Engage Your Spiritual Self

Spiritual health can be considered anything that sets your soul on fire. It could be organized religion, or it could simply be an activity that you are passionate about. Be willing to try out different activities to engage your spiritual well being. 

Some spiritually-enriching activities include yoga, meditating, and tai-chi. We need to enrich ourselves emotionally to feel fulfilled as individuals. Take up a class you’ve been considering taking, or work with a mentor to develop your spiritual growth. Find what works for you and have fun exploring!

Your spiritual health is all about your inner-self and the happiness and peace you generate for yourself. Look within and listen to your intuition to determine the state of your health in this domain. Brainstorm ways to encourage spiritual growth so that you can benefit holistically. Research has shown in many studies that those who feel fulfilled spiritually tend to live overall happier lives than those without spiritual satisfaction in their lives.

The Bottom Line

Understanding where your health stands is about considering the individual parts of self and how to connect them so that all are being nurtured fully. Your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being all influence one another. By paying attention to each individual piece, you can feel more confident in your assurance that all parts are being considered for the best health outcomes.