Top 3 Quality Cookies Brands To Buy Cookies

Biscuits are one of the most favorite treats of many with a long history and a rich variety of flavors. Among wide range of cookies brands, it is quite hard to choose a real high-quality product with good taste and should be healthy. Below we have shared some points that will help you figure out good cookies. Also we have shared top 3 cookies brands Insomnia Cookies, Cartwright and Butler, and Fortwenger.

Types Of Cookies

With all the variety of cookies that are made by factories or baked at home with the gentle hands of the hostess, this confectionery items are divided into three main types.

1. Sugar Cookie:

The most crispy of all and the driest. The surface of sugar cookies allows you to print patterns on it. In the making of cookies – a large amount of powdered sugar, and be sure to have eggs and flour added. Often, manufacturers add gluten to prevent the cookies from crumbling in their hands. On the shelves in stores you can find many examples of sugar cookies, such as “For tea” or “Jubilee”. Classic!

2. Sweet Cookies:

Close to rich pastries, contains the most calories and substances that affect weight. But for many – the most delicious! It contains sugar, eggs and butter. Some taste improvement items are added in them such as raisins, nuts, or chocolate pieces. If making them at home, we can replace wheat flour with almond flour to make it more delicious.

3. Long Lasting Cookie:

The last one that take long time to cook and is the lowest calorie biscuit option. It is rolled out for a long time, and most often bought for children. The name of these cookies came due to the fact that it takes a long time to cook. All the activities involved in making it extend its time and also the baking of these cookies is slower than others. These cookies often contain starch, they are the easiest and healthiest for children.

Each of the above cookies types can be prepared both in production and at home. You can choose according to the texture, taste and attractiveness of the packaging.

Which Cookies Should You Buy?

While choosing a ready-made bakery item such as cookies, it should be kept in mind that the content of a large number of artificial additives, flavors and preservatives in the product indicates its low quality. Some components are not very useful for the human body, which is why it is so important to carefully study the information about the making.


Avoid buying sweets that contain the following dyes in the ingredient list:

  • Azorubine (E122);
  • Yellow quinoline (E104);
  • Red (E129);
  • Penso (E124);
  • Tartrazine (E102).

The components included in these dyes can harm health, especially for children. Some of them cause hyperactivity, excite attention, make the child absent-minded and inattentive. In accordance with accepted norms and standards, each confectionery product manufacturer must list detailed composition of the things included in making cookies on the package backside. Moreover, they must also indicate the risk involved in using their product. But in reality this thing is missing and companies don’t do this.

Trans Fats

Margarine and Soy Substitutes cause harm to the human body. They contain transgenic fats which are hard to digest and can cause digestive problems and slow metabolism.

During research, it was found that exceeding the daily norm by only two percent, foods high in trans fats can increase the development of heart disease by 25 percent. This is especially true for children, who should avoid foods high in trans fats and substitutes. If not avoided it can cause serious problem for you and your children.


Ifupon careful study of the composition, a clear difference between the name and its products was noticed, then it is better and recommended to refuse to buy such items.For example, the label indicates that the cookie contains natural raspberries and only dyes and emulsifiers are present in its composition, then you should not buy it.

Overview of Quality Biscuit Brands

There are many online and offline stores that are providing best collections of gourmet cookies and other fragrant pastries which are made by professional chefs. Among these bakery brands we have listed 3 best according to customers reviews, quality, and popularity. Let’s take a closer look on them:

1. Insomnia Cookies

The most popular and among the oldest confectionery factories Insomnia Cookies. The University of Pennsylvania student Seth Berkowitz founded it in 2003. They have been feeding the hunger and craze of their cookies since their launch. The thing that makes Insomnia Cookies popular and high in demand is their warm, delicious and to the door step delivery of cookies and other bakery items. They have opened more than 100 stores to fulfill the craving of their cookies. No matter at what type you need cookies or where to deliver them, Insomnia Cookies is always available when you need. Among their magical and delicious cookies, the best ones are:

  • Blue Ribbon Blueberry Monster’wich;
  • Deluxe Filled Churro Cookie’wich;
  • Red Velvet;
  • Firecracker Lil’ Dipper.

2. Cartwright and Butler

Each serving of Cartwright & Butler treats has an amazing taste and incomparable aroma that you want to enjoy again and again. It is England’s oldest confectionery factory. It has created truly magical sweets for tea drinking for over 115 years. The current owners are following the high-quality standards set at the first production in Yorkshire. Cartwright and Butler is operated by brothers Terry and Tony Arnett, children of the original founders. Cartwright & Butler products are based on the principle of carefully selecting natural ingredients and intelligently combining them into a masterpiece of culinary art. Among their huge variety of offers that are in high demand among gourmets are:

  • Cookies with strawberries and white chocolate;
  • Shortbread cookies with cane sugar “Demerara”;
  • Maple syrup pecan cookies.

3. Fortwenger

Fortwenger is a confectionery factory from Alsace that is producing unique sweets according to French and German recipes! The company is working in 5 cities in the north-east of France: Kaysersberg, Gertwiller, Strasbourg, Colmar, Roppenheim.

Charles Fortwenger founded the famous brand Fortwenger in Gertville in 1768. He was a baker who opened a gingerbread workshop. By the 21st century, the company has significantly expanded with hundreds of cookie variations added to gingerbread. Among these following items are most popular:

  • Delicious mini stollen with orange and chocolate chips;
  • Fragrant mixture of gingerbread and cookies in a metal box-van;
  • Alsatian shortbread cookies with a delicate creamy taste.

The secret behind Fortwenger’s popularity is simple – traditional baking techniques, quality ingredients, and a love for the giving best to people from generation to generation. You don’t need to make a trip to the family factory to try unique cookies: choose what you like and order cookies from online stores.